MMA News Roundup: UFC veteran thinks boxing community is "scared to death" of Jake Paul, Sean O'Malley explains why other fighters are "jealous" of him, Khamzat Chimaev gets flak for trolling Paulo Costa

Jake Paul (left), Sean O
Jake Paul (left), Sean O'Malley (center), and Khamzat Chimaev (right) [Photo credit: @ufc on Instagram]

Welcome to today's edition of Sportskeeda's daily MMA News Roundup, where we present the biggest UFC updates and other stories from the world of mixed martial arts.

In today's issue, we talk about Sean O'Malley's success and why he thinks other fighters are "jealous" of him, fans on social media going after Khamzat Chimaev for trolling Paulo Costa and more.

#3. Sean O'Malley understands why UFC fighters are jealous of him

UFC bantamweight star Sean O'Malley
UFC bantamweight star Sean O'Malley

Sean O'Malley is one of the most popular fighters on the UFC bantamweight roster. In the MMA world, money often comes with fame and, for that reason, O'Malley makes more than many of his constituents.

With that in mind, O'Malley believes it's totally understandable why certain fighters are jealous of his success. Appearing on a mini-documentary that's produced by Anatomy of a Fighter, 'Sugar' said:

"Some fighters being jealous, I do see that. That's just a natural human tendency, it's also a mental weakness when you are jealous of someone else's success. That's just a mental weakness really. But I see it. I mean, these guys fighting tougher guys than me and they're driving f***ing Toyota, Priuses, you know, driving to their little house. And I'm sitting in a mansion with a Lambo, two Teslas out in the garage, you know, couple of acres, just chilling."

Watch the video below:


#2. Chael Sonnen says boxing community is "scared to death" of Jake Paul

YouTube star and professional boxer Jake Paul
YouTube star and professional boxer Jake Paul

Chael Sonnen has said it before, and he said it again -- The boxing community is afraid of Jake Paul.

According to Sonnen, boxing experts are concerned that fans might start drawing comparisons between professional boxer's and Paul's success. During an interview with Middle Easy, 'The American Gangster' said:

"Boxing truly is very worried that some guy can step in later in life without full focus and do well. And you know what, I am that people, to a degree."

Sonnen added that Paul's success raises questions about the extent to which someone needs to dedicate their life to get into the sport:

"I'm just sharing with you the psychology. We have seen this before. The boxing community is scared to death that a 25-year-old is gonna step in and be able to beat people. And he's already beat world champions. He's knocked out world champions."

Watch the interview below:


#1. Khamzat Chimaev gets criticized for trolling Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa (Left), Khamzat Chimaev (Right) [Image courtesy: @borrachinhamma and @khamzat_chimaev on Instagram]
Paulo Costa (Left), Khamzat Chimaev (Right) [Image courtesy: @borrachinhamma and @khamzat_chimaev on Instagram]

UFC welterweight rising star Khamzat Chimaev was once an internet darling, while Paulo Costa was the butt of jokes on social media. However, their roles seem to have been reversed in the past few weeks.

Chimaev recently took a shot at Costa on social media. The Chechen-born Swede posted a photo of Costa getting infamously dry-humped by Israel Adesanya after their title fight.

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However, fans on Twitter weren't pleased with Chimaev's tactics. Many came to Costa's defense and went after 'Borz.'

Check out some of the tweets below:

@KChimaev You’re a clown. Accept the fight with him then u puss
@KChimaev John Phillips has 11 lossesGerald Meerschaert has 15 lossesLi has 7 lossesBurns has 5 lossesHolland has 8 lossesNate has 13 lossesBut he can't fight Paulo with 2 defeats while one being close,one being vs the current champ?
@KChimaev Shut up gourmet che chen you are a mid 😭😭😭😭
@Majikmilli @inmessionantey @KChimaev Because he's scared. Costa is very strong, has very good takedown defense, & has knockout power. He's a nightmare matchup for Chimaev.

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