'Mole' from Ryan Garcia’s training camp claims he got fired after sending ‘KingRy’ to the hospital

Garcia vs Davis (L), Erdenebat (R) (Image Courtesy - TalkSPORT)
Garcia vs Davis (L), Erdenebat (R) (Image Courtesy - TalkSPORT)

Following Ryan Garcia's KO loss to Gervonta Davis, the first of his career, Garcia's sparring partner has come out and said that he injured the 24-year-old during one of their sparring sessions.

Tsendbaatar Erdenebatm, Garcia's sparring partner, stated:

"He got injured. Ryan went to the hospital, and I went home with half of my salary. I got fired from the sparring."

Watch as Tsendbaatar Erdenebatm spoke on the Ryan Garcia situation:

Erdenebat also took to Instagram to address the situation. Initially, Ryan Garcia had posted on Instagram that there was a 'mole' in his camp. Typically, this refers to someone who leaks information and intimate details to the opposition camp. Garcia seemingly implied that Erdenebat had done the same.

To this, Erdenebat replied:

"Hey King Ryan, my bro! My last post I used google translate. The translation was incorrect and confusing. My apologies.
Who is mole? What are you talking about? I am not mole. I don't even speak English.
I don't even like Tank. I will fight him and KO him in the future. During our sparring, I helped you and sparred Tank style boxing.
I was cheering for you to win against Tank.
You are a great boxer. But next time try to learn from sparring and you will not get hit by the same punch during the fight. Good luck to you and god bless!!"

Ryan Garcia loses to Gervonta Davis via body shot KO, sparring partner suggests the same happened in camp

The fact that Erdenebat has come out to say this after Garcia lost via body shot is somewhat confusing. It may be a glaring weakness that Garcia has failed to address.

Check out Davis' KO of Garcia here:

If the rumors of Garcia going to the hospital are true, that may be the case. The timing, however, is unfortunate, as Erdenebat may be looking for clout on the back of Garcia's loss.

Erdenebat, an Olympian and a 5-0 professional boxer, may be looking to build his own name on the back of his sparring with Garcia and his loss to Davis.

Edited by Anurag Mitra