"Nobody's safe!" - When Daniel Cormier pranked a sleeping Francis Ngannou

Daniel Cormier (Left), Francis Ngannou (Right)
Daniel Cormier (Left), Francis Ngannou (Right)
Deepit Sharma
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Francis Ngannou may be the baddest planet on the planet, but even he was not safe from one of Daniel Cormier's pranks. DC is known for his jubilant and playful nature outside the Octagon.

Whether it is his interactions with the media or videos of him taking playful jabs at fellow fighters, the former multi-divisional champion has always found a way to bring smiles to people's faces.

In one such incident, which Francis Ngannou apparently 'called for', DC pranked the Predator while he was sleeping beside Cormier in a car. As 'The Predator' slept peacefully, Cormier brushed his hand over the former's face, instantly waking him up. After waking Ngannou up, DC said:

"They just don't learn. Everybody gets too relaxed around me. Nobody is safe!"

Daniel Cormier is known for regularly pranking his teammates from the American Kickboxing Academy. DC once pranked teammate Josh Thompson by making the latter's pick-up truck disappear from in front of the gym. The plan orchestrated by Cormier involved a member of the AKA team sneakily moving the vehicle to a different spot.

When Josh Thompson found that his truck was not where he left it, Daniel Cormier tricked him into believing that he had parked the truck in a no-parking zone. Josh Thompson considered calling 911 before the whole team lifted the curtain on the prank.


When Daniel Cormier got a taste of his own medicine

Daniel Cormier has also ended up on the receiving end of pranks played by other fighters. After all, you reap what you sow.

One such incident took place when Daniel Cormier was scheduled to fight Dan Henderson at 205-lbs at UFC 173 in May of 2014.

As a light-heavyweight contender, weight cuts were extremely difficult for DC. Prior to the weight-cut, the UFC released an edition of its 'Embedded' vlog series. In the video, Dan Henderson explained that he had heard Daniel Cormier talking about eating 'Popeye's Chicken' after the fight.

Henderson decided to 'help Cormier out with the weight-cut' and took an order of DC's favourite 'Popeye's Chicken' to the former's gym.

Daniel Cormier was visibly bothered by the presence of the chicken inside the gym and not being able to eat it, and on this occasion, it was DC who became the victim of some light-hearted humour.


Daniel Cormier went on to win the fight via technical submission (with a rare-naked choke) in round three of the fight.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 18:46 IST
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