Watch: Angela Lee reacts to liver shot that hurt her vs. Stamp Fairtex

ONE atomweight champion Angela Lee (left) provided commentary on her fight with Stamp Fairtex at ONE X. (Images courtesy of ONE Championship)
ONE atomweight champion Angela Lee (left) provided commentary on her fight with Stamp Fairtex at ONE X. (Images courtesy of ONE Championship)

ONE women's atomweight champion 'Unstoppable' Angela Lee lived up to her monicker during her main event clash at ONE X back in March. Headlining the biggest martial arts event in history alongside the surging Stamp Fairtex, Lee put on the performance of a lifetime.

Those who witnessed the fight live almost fell out of their seats as the dominant atomweight queen was hit by an earth-rattling body shot from Stamp. The shot was so clean and powerful that the champion immediately went on a retreat.

In a recent video uploaded by ONE, Angela Lee took to the mic to commentate on the bout and provide some insight into how she survived the hellacious liver shot. The 5-time defending atomweight champion said this:

"Yeah that shot to the liver took my breath away but I knew I was still in the fight. That liver shot, it hurt. Took my breath away. I was sucking wind for a good few seconds but in my mind, you know, my reason to keep on fighting, I did not want to lose. I needed to do everything I could. It was a liver shot. It's not like I got knocked in the head and I couldn't like, think. I couldn't breathe [laughs] but I could still think, yeah, and I knew exactly what I needed to do, you know, I think my experience for that, I was like 'there's no way. I gotta keep fighting'. So I just kept trying to march forward, close the distance."

Most champions would have folded with that shot. The way a liver shot works, once it hits you clean, your whole body shuts down while you feel unimaginable pain and loss of breath.

Imagine the mettle and toughness of Lee in that situation. To survive that, then come back and win the fight via submission, that's what legends are made of.

Watch Angela Lee's full fight commentary below:


Angela Lee vs. Stamp Fairtex at ONE X play-by-play

Round 1

Lee came out guns blazing with punches, trying to push her challenger back into the cage. Lee got the cage clinch position but Stamp reversed it and escaped.

Lee, however, was still aggressive. The champion did not give Stamp any room to breathe as he used her punches to once again get inside the clinch. Stamp managed to escape again but was still forced to be on her backpedal.

Somewhere midway into the round, Stamp connected with a thunderous left hook to the body which visibly hurt Lee. The champion scurried backwards as Stamp went in for the kill like a shark smelling blood.

Lee miraculously survived the barrage and got back into her clinch game. The champion took the challenger down and got the back mount.

Angela Lee tried to hunt for submissions with a minute left in the round. Stamp survives.

Round 2

Angela Lee returned to her grappling-heavy gameplan. She took Stamp down once again. 'Unstoppable' attempted an arm lock but lost top position. She then transitioned to a triangle choke but Stamp narrowly escaped the hold.

Lee got into top position again and eventually set up a twister and got it. Stamp had to use toughness and grit to miraculously escape. It didn't last long, however. Lee once again took the back. This time, she flattened Stamp out, following which she sunk in a rear-naked choke, forcing the Thai fighter to tap.

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