“I have to go prove I can beat this man” - Demetrious Johnson determined to defeat Adriano Moraes

(right) Demetrious Johnson (left) Adriano Moraes [Credit: Instagram @mighty, @moraesadrianomma]
(right) Demetrious Johnson (left) Adriano Moraes [Credit: Instagram @mighty, @moraesadrianomma]

Demetrious Johnson is dead set on defeating the reigning ONE Flyweight World Champion, Adriano Moraes in their highly anticipated rematch on August 26 on US prime time.

The bout is the main event of ONE 161, and will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The Brazilian native made ONE history as the first man to knock out the former 12-time UFC flyweight world champion in one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world no less.

The 33-year-old Brazilian was on cloud nine after the outstanding performance.

However, it was a night that still haunts ‘Mighty Mouse.’ Johnson will be focused on besting his former opponent on August 26 with the promise of beating the Brazilian grappler in Singapore.

Johnson told ONE:

"It’s another tough [fight]. He’s a great athlete. He always comes prepared. He’s always in great condition. And then on that day, I’m just going to go out there and fight and see [what happens].”

‘Mighty Mouse’ has all the tools he needs to avenge his devastating loss. With over 30 MMA bouts to his name, Johnson was a extremely dominant 12-time world champion for a reason.

His conditioning, for one, is up to par or even better than Moraes. The 35-year-old can push the pace all the way into the championship rounds without breaking a sweat.

This will help Johnson go the distance if he needs to with the defending world champion and force Moraes to engage in a striking competition.

Another impressive aspect of Johnson’s game is his grappling. Moraes hasn’t been tested yet on the ground by ‘Mighty Mouse’ so it will be very interesting to see how well the Brazilian defends takedowns and the quick transitions.

The all-time great is a well-rounded fighter and can cause a lot of damage on the feet and on the ground. In the end, it all comes down to who wants it more.

He told ONE:

"I mean, at the end of the day, I have nothing to lose. I’ve just lost, damn it. We’ve both proven so much in the sport of mixed martial arts. For me, my challenge is I haven’t beat him yet, so I have a challenge in front of me. I have to go prove I can beat this man.”

The last time Demetrious Johnson went "all in" he bagged a submission

Mighty Mouse Demetrious Johnson is a scary and dangerous man when he’s got nothing to lose.

Yuya Wakamatsu felt ‘Mighty Mouse’s’ wrath in the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix in 2019. The American made the world stand up in awe with his incredible submission victory over the Japanese superstar in the second round.

ONE championship shared the footage recently on Instagram to commemorate ‘Mighty Mouse’s’ debut with the prestigious organization.

The caption said:

"Mighty Mouse" went ALL IN 😳 @mighty"

Check out the Instagram post below:

Interestingly, Demetrious Johnson went onto extend his winning streak by adding two more victories to win the tournament’s platinum belt.

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