Oscar De La Hoya says he "would love to patch things up" with UFC President Dana White

Dana White (left) and Oscar De La Hoya (right) (Images via Getty)
Dana White (left) and Oscar De La Hoya (right) (Images via Getty)

UFC President Dana White has had plenty of rivals in the combat sports world. One of the most notable is boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. After attacking each other verbally several times, the former boxing world champion wants to make amends.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, De La Hoya had this to say about the UFC President:

"I want to fix things up with Dana... I criticized the UFC a bit, and I was wrong for it. Yeah, I would love to patch things up with Dana."

As De La Hoya stated, the issues started with the boxing legend criticizing how much the UFC paid their fighters. White responded several times during UFC press conferences, including several memorable moments.

Watch Dana White go off on Oscar De La Hoya below:

Dana White with a rant about Triller and Oscar De La Hoya at his presser…[📽️ @UFC]

Although De La Hoya was solely a boxer, his ventures as a promoter have found him in the MMA world. On June 9, 2021, the boxing legend's Golden Boy Promotions hosted the first Ballys Fight Night. The event seemed to be a success, but the second fight card has yet to be assembled.

Hardcore MMA fans may remember Golden Boy Promotions putting on the infamous Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 event. De La Hoya's MMA events were another reason White would insult him. The former boxer would criticize the UFC for underpaying their fighters but couldn't prove he was paying more with Ballys Fight Night.

Chances are White won't want to be friends with De La Hoya, but who knows, crazier things have happened in the combat sports world.

Watch Oscar De La Hoya's TMZ Sports interview below:


Oscar De La Hoya says he has "big plans" for Vegas

Oscar De La Hoya mentioned Dana White while discussing his new house in Las Vegas. After saying he wanted to patch things up with the UFC President, the boxing legend clarified that he also wants to make amends with Floyd Mayweather.

Before ending the interview with TMZ Sports, the 49-year-old said this:

"I have some big plans for Vegas."

Rumors of De La Hoya's return to boxing have sparked again after failing to get in the ring last year due to Covid 19. Whether it's as a promoter or as a fighter, chances are White will not be supporting.

Watch Dana White go on a rant about De La Hoya below:

“Cocaine isn't cheap. It's expensive. You've got to make money." - UFC President Dana White on Oscar De La Hoya making a comeback in boxing.

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