Paddy Pimblett confident ahead of Jared Gordon fight, says no one can prepare to fight him

Paddy Pimblett (left), Jared Gordon (right)
Paddy Pimblett (left), Jared Gordon (right)

During a recent interview, Paddy Pimblett claimed that he's extremely confident heading into his Jared Gordon bout at UFC 282 and insisted that no matter how hard they try, nobody will ever be able to prepare for his "strange" style.

Throughout his short UFC career, 'The Baddy' has been criticized for being a hittable target, despite finishing all three of his opponents inside the octagon. In his first two outings with the promotion, the Scouser was hit hard and dropped. While it showed his grit, that style of fighting is arguably not sustainable.

While talking about his upcoming fight against Jared Gordon, Paddy Pimblett stated that he's a tough man to prepare for and that those in his division are going to find it difficult to replicate his style.

"You've just got to come out and be the best version of yourself, lad. I don't really try and concern myself too much with my opponents, it's more about me. My opponent can do whatever he wants in the build-up to it, training for it and all that, but they've gotta prepare to fight me. All these other opponents, you can find other people that are stylistically like them to spar with and stuff like that. You can't find anyone that is like me to grapple with or to strike with, because I'm a proper, strange weirdo... No one fights like me, lad. I'm just different."

Despite having large success while fighting on the same card, this will be the first time Pimblett has competed in the UFC without his long-term friend and training partner Molly McCann scheduled to step foot into the cage on the same night.

Check out what the lightweight contender had to say about his fighting style in the video below:


Paddy Pimblett's versatile fighting style

Paddy Pimblett may not look like the scariest opponent to come up against, but his ability when the cage door closes is incredible, as he has displayed on multiple occasions throughout his career.

As showcased in his first octagon outing, the 27-year-old is capable of putting fighters to sleep after scoring a huge knockout against Luigi Vendramini a little over a year ago.

Pimblett's next two UFC bouts saw him go back to what he knows best, submitting both Kazula Vargas and Jordan Leavitt, extending his win streak in the UFC to three straight victories.

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