Pedro Munhoz shares medical report after no-contest decision due to eye-poke from Sean O'Malley at UFC 276

Pedro Munhoz (right) [Images Courtesy: @pedromunhozmma on Instagram]
Pedro Munhoz (right) [Images Courtesy: @pedromunhozmma on Instagram]

Pedro Munhoz is coming in with receipts for anyone who is doubting the validity of his eye injury.

Sean O'Malley tested his skills against Munhoz on Saturday but the latter party received a serious eye injury that left fans doubting if it was legitimate or not. Via his personal Instagram, 'The Young Punisher' posted his post-UFC 276 medical report to prove them wrong.

As indicated in the photo above, an abrasion to the right cornea was detected by the medical personnel who attended to Munoz.

A translated post from MMA Fighting, says that the report seemed to indicate two eyepokes, one taking place in the first round and the other happening in the second. The last inadvertent poke left a level of residual impact that caused the ringside physician to call a halt to the octagon action.

Munhoz's clearly swollen, shut eye was shown in post-fight social media posts by fellow UFC fighters including himself.


The mounting negative rhetoric from certain fans seemed to stem from the anticlimactic ending of the bout.

Some also played into those sorts of narratives, including Munhoz's opponent. O'Malley also tweeting out about how he was the first man to finish Pedro. 'Sugar' felt like Munhoz was looking for a way out of a fight that was being dominated by O'Malley.

Pedro Munhoz's UFC 276 overall

The No.13- ranked O'Malley clashed with the No.9-ranked Munhoz, but the UFC 276 bantamweight bout was ruled a no contest in the second round after an errant eye poke from O'Malley.

Pedro Munhoz has clashed with the likes of Dominick Cruz, Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Aljamain Sterling, and Cody Garbrandt.


The possibility of a rematch is definitely there between O'Malley and Munhoz. Especially considering the inconclusive first bout but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Munhoz was aiming to get back into the win column after a two-fight losing skid. Conversely, O'Malley was hoping to expand his current winning streak to four straight.

How do you feel about Munhoz's reveal of the medical report? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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