Photos: Israel Adesanya reminisces about a sparring session with Fau Vake in latest tribute post

Israel Adesanya and Fau Vake
Israel Adesanya and Fau Vake

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is mourning the loss of his deceased City Kickboxing teammate Fau Vake.

Throughout the day, Adesanya has been sharing snippets of his memories with Vake on his Instagram story.

In his latest tribute to Vake, Israel Adesanya shared multiple pictures of the late fighter, including one from a sparring session between the pair. In the picture, Vake can be seen landing a clean strike on Adesanya's face during the session.


In another picture, Vake can be seen shadow-boxing in a park. In the photo, which is a screenshot of Vake's Instagram post, the 25 year old captioned the image by talking about his love for shadow boxing.

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Last Sunday, Fau Vake was attacked from behind and brutally beaten up by a group of unknown men.

Vake passed away earlier today after being admitted to hospital, where he fought for his life for over a week.

City Kickboxing released an official statement in reaction to the tragic death of the young fighter -

"It is with inexplicable sadness almost seven days to the hour after his hospital admission, Fau's fight to find his way back to us ended. We will speak when the time is right to ensure Fau's loss is not forgotten, but for now please respect our privacy," read the statement from City Kickboxing.

Israel Adesanya shares excerpts of conversation with Fau Vake from earlier this year

Israel Adesanya took to Instagram earlier in the day to share an excerpt of his conversation with Vake from earlier this year. The conversation between them is as follows:

Israel Adesanya: "Dunno what y'all was yarning about but you left an impression bruv."

Fau Vake: "Just some good yarns about life toko."

Israel Adesanya: "Good lad. Even Matt singing your praises too. Much love tokoua."

Fau Vake: "F***k man ... they know how to make a man blush hahaha, much love toko."

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