Sage Northcutt gushes over wife Amanda Leighton

Sage Northcutt has had a long time away from the spotlight
Sage Northcutt has had a long time away from the spotlight

In the four years that Sage Northcutt has been away from the spotlight, he has been keeping himself busy.

With the announcement of his comeback fight at ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video, the American has been talking about what his life has been like whilst he hasn’t been competing.

Several factors have kept him away from the circle for a long time, but that all changes on May 5. He'll make his second appearance under the ONE banner, facing Ahmed Mujtaba.

One aspect of his life that Northcutt has been quick to point out is his relationship with his wife Amanda Leighton. Whilst excited to talk about returning to competition and the improvements he's made, ‘Super’ Sage Northcutt is also keen to praise the achievements of his better half.

In an interview with ONE Championship, he said:

“My wife, she’s amazing. She’s a voiceover artist, she does voiceovers for all sorts of cartoons and different TV shows on Netflix."

He added:

“I can brag about her all day. She’s an actress too, a great actress. Super talented.”

Northcutt is finally back in the spotlight after such a long time away, and fans are keen to see him regularly competing again. On May 5, he’s hoping for a fresh start in a new weight class.

“Definitely in the future” - Sage Northcutt open to revisiting rivalry with Shinya Aoki

During his hiatus, Sage Northcutt revealed that he was close to fighting Japanese MMA legend Shinya Aoki and he’s still open to that option down the line.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, ‘Super’ Sage detailed the last four years of his life and why he hasn’t been active inside the circle. One of those reasons was COVID-19, which saw a fight with Aoki canceled.

In the interview, Northcutt said:

“I knew we had some beef going back and forth, me and Shinya [Aoki] on Twitter. That would be a great fight for the future. Right now, I’m focused on me versus Ahmed Mujtaba. But definitely in the future, I would love to fight Shinya.”

Watch the full interview below:


Northcutt was originally scheduled to face Aoki at ONE on TNT IV in April 2021. When the fight was canceled, both men exchanged some words on social media.

The American had once again asked for the fight, stating that Aoki had been ducking him. That obviously did not sit well with one of the most legendary fighters Asia has ever produced.

If Sage Northcutt is successful on on his return at ONE Fight Night 10 against Ahmed Mujtaba, the fight with Aoki could be made seeing as the American fighter is still interested in the opportunity.

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