"Broke his eye" - Fans react to Sean O'Malley's claim of 'finishing' Pedro Munhoz at UFC 276

Pedro Munhoz (L) and Sean O'Malley (R) [Credits: Instagram @sugaseanmma]
Pedro Munhoz (L) and Sean O'Malley (R) [Credits: Instagram @sugaseanmma]
Daniel Mariani

Sean O'Malley is back at it again with his trolling ways. After Saturday night's bout against Pedro Munhoz ended in a disappointing no contest due to an accidental eye poke, O'Malley is once again rewriting history. O'Malley took to Instagram on Monday to describe the result as "a finish."

O'Malley is really doubling down on playing some sort of semi-heel role. 'Suga' most infamously took this approach after his first loss to Marlon Vera, when he claimed he was still undefeated.

'Chito' Vera was able to attack O'Malley's legs, hitting him directly on the peroneal nerve. This caused O'Malley's leg to give out and led him to succumb to the ground and pound of Vera. O'Malley didn't accept the defeat because of the manner in which it occurred, since claiming to be undefeated.

It seems O'Malley's gimmick will be to deny undesirable outcomes throughout his career to get a rise out of fans. However, some fans are joining the fun. A few of the highlights from the comments are as follows:

"you said you were gunna put his lights out and the fight ended with him saying he was seeing black #undefeated" - @michaelsgroovy
"The punch that broke his eye" - @prime.bxng
"STILL UNDEFEATED" - @ssalandyy

Pedro Munhoz posts medical report of eye injury from fight with Sean O'Malley

Munhoz is adamant about clearing up the narrative that he might of been faking his eye injury at UFC 276 against Sean O'Malley. Munhoz took to Instagram to post his medical report from Saturday night. The report notably reads "abrasion of right cornea, initial encounter," as seen below:

It is unfortunate that this narrative has become common enough that Munhoz feels the need to provide proof of his injury. He should have enough credit to be believed for the injury's severity, having fought numerous former champions. Munhoz has shared the octagon with the likes of José Aldo, Dominick Cruz, Aljamain Sterling, Cody Garbrandt, and Frankie Edgar. It is hard to believe he was frightened of Sean O'Malley.

Ultimately, Munhoz is as disappointed with this result as anyone. No fighter wants to endure long months of rigorous training camp for a fight to end this way. Hopefully Munhoz is able to have a speedy recovery, and the UFC will explore running this one back soon.

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