Sean O'Malley disapproves of Sean Strickland's "slightly retarded" sparring sessions

Sean O'Malley (left), Sean Strickland (right) [Credits: @sugaseanmma via Instagram]
Sean O'Malley (left), Sean Strickland (right) [Credits: @sugaseanmma via Instagram]

Sean O'Malley recently commented on Sean Strickland's vigorous sparring session footage that emerged on social media.

'Sugar', while speaking about fighters who enjoy getting into action, said:

"Yeah, I think there's definitely some fighters [who like to fight]. There's probably a lot of that. Like the Sean Strickland dude, [he] just wants to go and spar and just get hit in the head. It's slightly retarded."

Watch the video below:


The No.7-ranked middleweight, Sean Strickland, recently took to Instagram to post a video of the training incident. The UFC star seemingly landed hard shots on his sparring partner in the gym.

A lot of MMA fighters have hit out at Strickland regarding his demeanor. He was also criticized by several fans and fighters as a result of a recent incident in training.

Safe to say 'sparring' with Sean Strickland is intense... 😳

Strickland has openly admitted that killing an opponent in the octagon would make him happy. The UFC star has also acknowledged that he used to be a neo-Nazi. His Instagram account was also taken down after posting violent training videos.

Scrapping with Sy today.. one of the hardest people to hit

Chael Sonnen defended Sean Strickland after sparring footage was released

Chael Sonnen defended Strickland for his overly aggressive sparring sessions and also recalled the time when the two trained with each other in the gym.

Speaking on his YouTube show, Beyond the Fight, 'The Bad Guy' stated that 'Tarzan' was one of the most reliable teammates he had.

I can’t believe that Sean Strickland is having trouble finding sparring partners.

Sonnen also praised Strickland for being a great sparring partner, saying that the knockout was an "unfortunate incident."

"I was watching Sean Strickland's sparring videos 20 minutes ago. Sean is back in the news. He was sparring and knocked out a training partner. I have to defend Sean. Sean was one of the most trustable and best teammates I've ever had. I trusted him completely with my body. He went very hard and was very competitive trying to win rounds. But he was very controlled and whether it was me or whoever his other partners were, he never hurt anybody. I have to defend him in that video. That was an unfortunate incident. But Sean was padded up and he did throw that kick appropriately... I don't like the idea of Sean getting a bad rap. He's a trustable, hard working, honest guy and he'll come back tomorrow and the day after that."

Watch Chael Sonnen speak about Strickland knocking out his sparring partner below:


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