"Shut your mouth and fight" - Gilbert Burns plays matchmaker in the UFC welterweight division

Gilbert Burns
Gilbert Burns
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Gilbert Burns has weighed in with his take on how the UFC welterweight division ought to be booked moving forward.

Presently, Gilbert Burns is the No. 2-ranked UFC welterweight. Burns is coming off a third-round TKO loss against UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman whom he faced at UFC 258 (February 13th, 2021).

In a video released via his official YouTube channel, Gilbert Burns played matchmaker in the UFC welterweight division. Burns stated –

“Another thing is if I think about who’s going to be my next step, right? So, I don’t know. The division is too crazy right now. Before the fight, I was hearing about Leon Edwards fighting Colby Covington. And, in my eyes, that fight makes a lot of sense. But I think Colby Covington said no. He’s not interested in this fight. And then, I don’t know who Leon’s fighting next. Leon’s right there, you know, he needs one more fight to fight for the title.”

As of this time, Edwards has been scheduled to fight Belal Muhammad at UFC Fight Night 187 (March 13th, 2021).

Gilbert Burns continued, “I don’t know, if Colby said no, the only guy that comes next, for me, will be Leon Edwards against Wonderboy Thompson (Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson). I think that’s the one to make. I don’t know if…it’s tough nowadays,” Gilbert Burns opined that fighters are now more cautious in choosing their opponents. “Because this guy doesn’t want this fight, this guy doesn’t want that fight. And this guy makes a little excuse for this. This guy makes a little excuse for that guy. So, you know, shut up, you know. Shut your mouth and fight.”
Gilbert Burns said, “That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do, you know. But the fight to make would be Leon Edwards against Colby Covington. Colby already said no. So, second option would be Leon Edwards against Wonderboy Thompson. I don’t know if that fight’s gonna happen. I hope it does. And then what’s going to be clear for me after that – So, if Jorge Masvidal is fighting Kamaru Usman, what’s next for me right there would be Colby Covington or Michael Chiesa, if I’m not wrong. So, I’m just taking a look real quick here on the ranks, but I think that’s it.”
“If Kamaru Usman, No. 1, he’s the champion, he’s fighting Jorge Masvidal…So, Kamaru is the champion, Colby Covington No. 1, me No. 2, Leon Edwards No. 3, Jorge Masvidal No. 4, Wonderboy No. 5. Okay, if Kamaru is fighting Jorge, the next option for me, if Leon doesn’t get a fight, it’ll be Leon. But I’m pretty sure until I’m back, Leon should have a fight till then. If Leon doesn’t get a fight, for sure (I’ll fight him) Leon. But let’s say if Leon gets a fight, then Stephen Thompson. Then I’ve got Colby or Michael Chiesa. That’s a clear path for me, you know. Still not clear enough, but that’s the clear path I can see. That’s two guys. I’m not gonna say, ‘oh, no. I don’t want this guy’. I’ll fight anyone that makes sense, that’s in the rankings. I’m fighting these guys.”
Gilbert Burns reiterated, “But nowadays, too hard, you know. Everyone make an excuse, ‘Oh, I’ll fight this guy, but I don’t fight that guy. I fight this guy. He’s a good matchup for me, he’s got a good name, but this guy doesn’t have so much name’. Come on, bro. You’re a fighter. You’re not a matchmaker. You’re not a promoter. You’re supposed to just go out there and fight. So, I kind of understand that. And then it gives me a little frustration, but it’s not in my control, you know.” (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)

In a nutshell, Gilbert Burns suggested that he’s willing to fight any opponent the UFC books him against, provided that they make sense from a ranking perspective. Burns indicated that he’d like to fight Leon Edwards, Stephen Thompson, Colby Covington, or Michael Chiesa.

Gilbert Burns (left); Kamaru Usman (right)
Gilbert Burns (left); Kamaru Usman (right)

Gilbert Burns recently fought a thrilling back-and-forth fight against Kamaru Usman in their UFC welterweight title matchup at UFC 258. Despite almost knocking Usman out in round one, Burns self-admittedly ended up getting over-excited and subsequently lost via third-round TKO.

Regardless, Durinho has asserted that he intends to continue his quest to earn UFC gold. Which UFC welterweight would you like to see Gilbert Burns face next? Sound off in the comments.

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