"Spends our money like he's playing monopoly" - Sean Strickland goes off on US President Joe Biden for "lecturing companies" on "shrinkflation"

Sean Strickland (left) calls out Joe Biden (right) [Images courtesy of @stricklandmma on Instagram & @POTUS on X]
Sean Strickland (left) calls out Joe Biden (right) [Images courtesy of @stricklandmma on Instagram & @POTUS on X]

Sean Strickland has accused U.S. President Joe Biden of being a hypocrite, following a post the President made on social media.

The former middleweight champion is often both praised and criticized for his unfiltered approach to life as he rarely shies away from letting his thoughts be known.

Recently, 'Tarzan' took aim at the President after he released a video on social media demanding companies put a stop to 'shrinkflation,' which is the act of shrinking a product's size, but keeping the prices the same or in some cases, increasing them.

Joe Biden, who posted the video to X (formerly Twitter) on Super Bowl Sunday, captioned the post:

"While you were Super Bowl shopping, did you notice smaller-than-usual products where the price stays the same? Folks are calling it Shrinkflation and it means companies are giving you less for every dollar you spend. Iā€™m calling on the big consumer brands to put a stop to it."

Strickland then responded to the tweet, and raised his own issues with Biden, claiming that he should be focused on his own spending instead. He tweeted:

"Prints and spends our money like he's playing monopoly...Yet lecturing companies...Scum...All of them."

Strickland's dislike for the Biden may also be due to his new found friendship with former U.S President, Donald Trump.

The pair recently met at an event, with Trump even shouting out Strickland at a rally and praising him as a fighter.

Check out Trump's comments on Sean Strickland here:

Sean Strickland blasts Jake Paul after $1 million sparring offer

Sean Strickland has launched a scathing attack on Jake Paul, after the former Disney channel star-turned-boxer offered him $1 million for a sparring session.

Paul's offer to Strickland came after the video of Strickland sparring influencer Sneako went viral. In the video, Strickland didn't hold back and left Sneako with a bloodied nose.

'The Problem Child' then called out the former UFC champ for being a 'bully,' claiming he only picks on smaller people and offered him $1 million to face him instead. He tweeted:

Strickland soon fired back at Paul, however, and raised the stakes by stating that he'd happily take matters into his own hands if it were legal to do so. He said:

"Real talk... jokes aside.. Jake Paul is an utter f***ing joke..... You box small retired old mma fighters and you sell sugar water to kids.. If it were legal I'd take your f***ing life with a smile on my face. Is there any place on this earth I can take this man's life and walk?"

Check out Sean Strickland's response here:

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