“That’s what I want” - Superbon appreciates when Trainer Gae pushes him to the limit

(left) Superbon Singha Mawynn and (right) Trainer Gae [Credit: Instagram @superbon_banchamek]
(left) Superbon Singha Mawynn and (right) Trainer Gae [Credit: Instagram @superbon_banchamek]

Superbon Singha Mawynn is grateful to Trainer Gae for pushing him to the limit when no one else did.

If you follow Superbon on his Instagram, he’s usually doing some cool maneuvers or teaching some punching combinations on the pads. The person behind-the-scenes who’s drilling the young Pattalung athlete every single day is his coach and mentor, Trainer Gae.

He told ONE Championship:

“He has a true love for Muay Thai. He always strives to make his athletes successful in the profession. He always has positive energy. Also, he always invents unique ways of training to make me better and stronger.”

He added:

“In terms of experience or techniques, I have them all. But what I lacked was someone who pushes me and sets a new goal for me. Like, when I hit the pads for five rounds, he will ask me to do seven. Or if I just run for five kilometers, he will make me run for eight. And that’s what I want.”

Trainer Gae is one of the leading boxing and Muay Thai trainers on the martial arts circuit. After retiring from competition due to an injury, he returned to teach the sport he loved to children, foreigners, and world champions.

His reputation as not only a coach, but a mentor who helps athletes transform their minds and bodies for the better, is a quality Superbon doesn’t take for granted. The 32 year-old standout continued:

“With my status, my skill, my income, no one dared to give me much advice, or had the power to order me to do something, but he has guts. He can make me respect him. We respect each other, so we can work together.”

Superbon flies to Singapore for epic showdown with Tayfun Ozcan

Superbon Singha Mawynn is en route to Singapore for his epic kickboxing showdown with Tayfun Ozcan on Friday, September 30 on US primetime.

In the co-main event, the Thai native puts his world title on the line against a very formidable opponent. Originally scheduled to face Chingiz Allazov, Ozcan stepped in after Allazov had to pull out of the fight due to injury.

The Thai superstar returns to the ring after shocking the martial arts circuit once again by knocking out kickboxing veteran Giorgio Petrosyan with a brutal head kick for the world title. He recently defended his belt by putting on a clinical performance against Marat Grigorian at ONE: X.

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