"Taught him leg kicks" - Fans thrilled as Alex Pereira and Steven Seagal meet up

Alex Pereira (right) with Steven Seagal (left) in a social meeting. [via. @alexpoatanpereira
Alex Pereira (right) with Steven Seagal (left) in a social meeting. [via. @alexpoatanpereira's IG story]

UFC double champion Alex Pereira's recent encounter with legendary action star Steven Seagal has set fight fans abuzz. A photo of the two martial artists posing together ignited online reactions

Fans, clearly amused by the unlikely pairing, couldn't resist a touch of humor.

One user quipped:

"Taught him leg kicks"
Comment byu/Major_Bookkeeper4067 from discussion inufc

referencing Pereira's devastating striking,

while another jokingly claimed Seagal, a 7th-dan black belt in aikido, as the only person immune to Pereira's power:

"The only man in the world who can take Pereira's left hook and low kicks without being hurt."
"Does Brazil have weird connection to straight to vhs movies or something?"

Check out the fans' reactions below:

Fans' react to Alex Pereira and Steven Seagal meetup.
Fans' react to Alex Pereira and Steven Seagal meetup.

Joe Rogan stunned by Alex Pereira's leg-checking technique

Long a vocal admirer of Alex Pereira's striking prowess, Joe Rogan recently detailed the champion's unorthodox approach to leg defense on his podcast. He described being stunned by Pereira's demonstration alongside UFC commentator Daniel Cormier at the UFC Performance Institute.

Rogan said:

"[Pereira] was showing me and 'DC'[Daniel Cormier] how he checks leg kicks, and we had a conversation about it, 'Can we talk about this? Can we tell people this?' Me and 'DC' [had that conversation]. We decided, I don't think we should tell people. He's got a special way that he checks leg kicks. It's different than everybody else's."

The podcaster further added:

"He's got a whole strategy behind it. We were like, oh sh*t. He was showing us, we're at the Mothership. Me and 'DC' and Alex Pereira, and Pereira is kicking our legs and he's showing us how to check. Showing us how he checks, and what he does to follow up checks. He's got a system, it's different. I'll tell you later, it's different... He's like, 'You can't be a tough guy.'... It was so profound that both 'DC' and I... We were both like, 'Oh shit.'"

Both Rogan and Cormier were reportedly so impressed and surprised by Pereira's technique that they decided to keep it under wraps, respecting the champion's competitive edge.

Check out Joe Rogan's comments below:

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