"That guy can cut a promo!" - Anthony Smith picks one fighter from the UFC who is a definite to go over to WWE

Anthony Smith [Left], and TKO launch at NYSE [Right] [Photo credit: Michael Bisping Podcast - YouTube, and @TripleH - X]
Anthony Smith [Left], and TKO launch at NYSE [Right] [Photo credit: Michael Bisping Podcast - YouTube, and @TripleH - X]

Anthony Smith recently weighed in on UFC fighters he believes could do well if they transition to WWE after retirement.

During yesterday's episode of the Believe You Me podcast, 'Lionheart' told Michael Bisping that there are a number of UFC fighters that would do well in WWE following the merger, which was finalized earlier this week. Among the names he mentioned was Michael Chandler, who complimented that lightweight's promo work:

"Michael Chandler, that guy could cut a promo and I think he's athletic enough, he's got kind of that muscly build to him. You zoom in on him, he might look like he's 250lbs, you don't gotta pan out all the way." [10:31 - 10:47]

The three-time Bellator lightweight champion has had many pro wrestling references in his promos. One notable moment is his post-fight interview following his UFC debut, which was compared to WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair's backstage interview after his Royal Rumble win. 'Iron's walkout song is also a nod to WWE as it is the same song that serves as the intro for their flagship show, Monday Night RAW.

It will be interesting to see whether Michael Chandler agrees with Anthony Smith and makes an appearance in WWE at some point in the future now that they merged with UFC to form TKO.


Anthony Smith reveals what he enjoys most about WWE

Like many other UFC fighters and pro athletes, Anthony Smith noted that he enjoys watching WWE and complimented them for what they have been able to do with their product.

During the aforementioned episode, 'Lionheart' revealed what he enjoys most about WWE and complimented the superstars for their ability to perform high-risk maneuvers the way they do. He mentioned that he enjoys the psychology aspect of WWE and how they are able to keep fans invested with long-term storylines:

"I think what they [WWE] do is an art, especially the psychology side of it is really fascinating to me, how they create a story and they play it over a long period, you know they have these storylines that go years." [6:40 - 6:52]

Check out the full episode:


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