"That's crazy!" - Henry Cejudo shocked at new UFC memo prohibiting fighters from betting on UFC fights

Henry Cejudo. [via Getty Images]
Henry Cejudo. [via Getty Images]

Henry Cejudo has reacted to the latest change in the UFC's athlete conduct policy. Ariel Helwani broke the news on Twitter after he tweeted out the latest developments in the Athlete Code of Conduct, a copy of which was received by each active fighter:

"UFC fighters are now prohibited from gambling on any UFC fight, regardless of if they are involved or not. They can still be sponsored just not allowed to bet at all."

Check out his tweet below:

In a YouTube livestream question and answer session, Cejudo expressed his confusion at the promotion's decision to restrict its roster from wagering on fights:

"So we cannot bet? That's crazy, man! There has to be a- I don't, I mean, whatever dude. So we can't bet on any fights? None? Yeah, but how does that make it legal? Did we sign a contract? Did we sign a waiver or something along the lines that doesn't let us bet? I don't get it."

Watch Henry Cejudo's full live stream on YouTube:


The UFC has a long-standing association with gambling, with much of its fanbase deeply invested in the practice. The Fertitta brothers made their fortune in the same business, enabling them to acquire the promotion back in 2001.

The company's headquarters are also based in the gambling capital, Las Vegas, with the Apex nearby in Enterprise, Nevada.

Fans react to the UFC imposing a ban on fighters betting

Fans have also reacted to the latest restriction imposed on fighters that disallows them from betting on any fights. They replied to Ariel Helwani's tweet and expressed themselves.

Some fans saw sense in the decision and compared it to other major American leagues that have implemented a similar policy. The National Football League prevents its athletes from betting on games, while Major League Baseball has faced a major scandal due to the same:

"People are gonna complain but there’s nothing wrong with this. Other leagues do this too"
"I ain’t mad at this it makes sense"
"Pretty common sense policy, but I'm sure you'll start blowing it out of proportion soon enough."

Other fans criticized the new rule for making it harder for its fighters to make money with fighter pay already under heavy scrutiny:

"They really don’t like them guys making money unless they do too huh? Smh @ufc"
"Cool, means there has to be a significant pay increase."

One fan made reference to the infamous Justin Jaynes incident:

"Justin Jaynes could’ve used this a while back"

The lightweight fighter previously bet his entire fight purse on himself winning and subsequently lost the fight and his $25k purse.

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