"I'll have it restored as soon as possible" - 'The Korean Zombie' shares shocking video of massive flooding and damage at his gym in Seoul, South Korea

The Korean Zombie [Images courtesy of @koreanzombiemma on Instagram & UFC on YouTube]
The Korean Zombie [Images courtesy of @koreanzombiemma on Instagram & UFC on YouTube]

UFC featherweight 'The Korean Zombie' has shared shocking footage that shows the after effects of flooding as South Korea suffers some of its heaviest rainfall in decades.

Chan Sung Jung posted a video on his Instagram that showed his gym, located in South Korea's capital Seoul, damaged by the flood as well as knee-high water throughout the streets.

The caption, translated from his native Korean, reads:

"I think I should close the gym for a while. I'll have it restored as soon as possible. We will announce as soon as possible to operate. Thank you for your understanding."

Per BBC News, at least 8 people have died and another 14 are injured due to flooding and torrential rain. It is the heaviest downpour of rain that South Korea has seen in over 80 years.

While 'The Korean Zombie' has vowed to fix his gym as soon as possible, fans will be hoping he and his family remain safe as officials have stated the rain is expected to continue for the next few days.

Chang Sung Jung last appeared in a UFC octagon when he faced champion Alexander Volkanovski back in April. The South Korean fighter was dominated from the beginning before the referee stepped in, calling a TKO victory for the Australian in the fourth round.

Eugene Bareman felt sorry for 'The Korean Zombie' after Alexander Volkanovski's victory

Eugene Bareman, the founder and headcoach of City Kickboxing, was asked whether or not he felt remorse after Volkanovski's performance against 'The Korean Zombie'.

'The Great' successfully defended his title for the third time by defeating the South Korean fighter. At the time, it was arguably Volkanovski's best performance in the octagon.

Speaking to Combat TV, Bareman, who is the coach of Volkanovski, admitted that he did feel bad for Chang Sung Jung but ultimately hurting your opponent is the aim of the game:

“I do and I don’t. It’s a really- it’s a funny old place to be. Like, I know that for my guy to win, he has to hurt that guy. It’s a kill-or-be-killed-environment. So, if we’re not hurting him, then he’s hurting us. So, that’s the nature of fighting. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel empathy. I hundred percent do.”

The award-winning coach added:

“There’s a couple of occasions in my career as a coach, where I’ve even asked my fighter to back off the guy between rounds. That doesn’t happen often, but yeah, sometimes, it’s necessary. So yeah, I definitely feel a bit of empathy for the fighter.”

Catch the full interview here:


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