"The UFC told him not to do it" - Georges St-Pierre claims the UFC stopped Johny Hendricks from undergoing a drug test ahead of their welterweight title bout

Georges St-Pierre (left) and Johny Hendricks (right)
Georges St-Pierre (left) and Johny Hendricks (right)

Georges St-Pierre recently claimed that the UFC stopped Johny Hendricks from taking a drug test before their encounter at UFC 167. Speaking on the 'Legend 2 Legend' series by MMA Junkie, the 40-year-old alleged that the UFC encouraged Hendricks not to take a drug test heading into their fight:

"I was telling Johny Hendricks that 'Okay, let's make drug testing for that fight' and he agreed in the beginning but the after, he said no...He didn't want to do it and I've learned also that UFC tell him to not do it because they didn't want to start a trend that people start doing it [drug testing]. I know there's a lot of good fighters that are honest, that don't cheat and it would have made a lot of guys that are honest, who think their opponent might be cheating, to do the same trend. They didn't want that to start so they told Johny Hendricks to not do it," said Geroges St-Pierre.

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Georges St-Pierre wanted to retire after his fight with Nick Diaz

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has revealed that he wanted to retire before his fight with Nick Diaz:

"I think I should have retired after the Nick Diaz fight. I should have taken a break. If I would have done that, perhaps I would have come back earlier in my career but I did not because I felt the need to always fight the next guy and there was always a next guy and that's how I realised, as soon as you finish a fight, there's a next one and the next one because the sport of mixed martial arts is promote about what's next. It's not promoted about what happened in the past. It's 'what's next? what's next? Sell. Sell,'" said Georges St-Pierre.

'Rush' competed against Diaz at UFC 158 and won via unanimous decision. After that fight, the 40-year-old made another successful title defense against Johny Hendricks. Following the Hendricks win, he vacated the title and went on a four-year break.

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