"This is true! I walked into the house when this guy was leaving" - Jorge Masvidal's manager confirms Dana White's "10 years to live" story

Masvidal's Manager, Malki Kawa (left) Dana White (right) (image courtesy @malkikawa Instagram)

Just days after UFC president Dana White spoke about how Gary Brecka of 10X Health System told him he had 10 years to live, Jorge Masvidal's manager Malki Kawa confirmed the news.

Kawa said that he walked into White's house just as the 10X team was leaving. Masvidal's manager elaborated that the UFC president was raving about knowing when he was going to die:

"This is true! I walked into the house when this guy was leaving. Big 10x bus was outside and dana was raving about know[ing] when he was gonna die."

Check out the tweet below:

This is true! I walked into the house when this guy was leaving. Big 10x bus was outside and dana was raving about know when he was gonna die.…

The UFC president first spoke about the 10 year ultimatum he got from Gary Brecka on The Action Junkeez Podcast. Brecka is the chief human biologist of 10X Health System.

However, Dana White further clarified that after following certain methods the human biologist recommended, he was now healthier than ever.

As per their website, the 10X Health System professes to improve a person's health tenfold by enhancing human performance. Their blood test makes use of 64 biomarkers to get a detailed look at one’s organ health, vitamin levels, hormone profile and blood count.

The company provides various products and services like blood and DNA testing, IV therapy, various supplements and a special treatment called super-human protocol which revitalizes the magnetic and oxygen levels in the body

When Dana White praised Gary Brecka's methods for making him healthier

During episode 200 of The Action Junkeez podcast, UFC president Dana White revealed that after following the keto diet along with some other lifestyle changes recommended by Gary Brecka, he is now healthier than ever.

A clearly impressed White stated that his health was completely revitalized just 10 weeks after following Brecka's methods. Furthermore, White added that he was now recommending the 10X Health System even to his friends:

"I'm on keto, I'm on the keto diet... This is what Gary Brecka told me... there are essential fats that your body needs... there are essential amino acids... There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. I've never felt better... I feel like I'm 35 years old again... If this is how I feel in 10 weeks, how the f**k am I going to feel in 10 months. I got all those guys [in], Frank [Fertitta] is on it now. Jill, Teressa [Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta's wives], everybody is in it."

Watch The Action Junkeez podcast featuring Dana White below:

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