They're going to start kicking other authors to a later date to reprint my book - Tim Kennedy discloses how 'Scars and Stripes' exceeded publisher's expectations

Tim Kennedy (Image courtesy mmafightingonsbn YouTube), book cover from
Tim Kennedy (Image courtesy mmafightingonsbn YouTube), book cover from

On the latest episode of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy explained how his new book 'Scars and Stripes' has exceeded the publisher's expectations.

The Green Beret told Helwani:

"It exceeded the publisher's expectation... We've sold all the books that printed. So [the publishers] are currently like going to start kicking other authors to a later publish date, so they can reprint my book. And when people start getting into these stories, it's going to continue like this for a while. I mean, it is the most wild series of true stories that I think have ever been compiled. It's ridiculous when you put it black and white in front of you."

Helwani also asked Kennedy why he decided to compile his life story into a book. The former UFC middleweight responded by saying that his life story is a "cracker" and through it he is trying to explain how important some moments are in life:

"My life story is a cracker. The caviar is kind of the message that I'm trying to say in this... The importance of failure, the importance of struggle, there's lots of failure in my life... The important stuff on top is all the lessons I learned."

Through 'Scars and Stripes', Tim Kennedy tries to express that failure isn't the end but the first step to discovering one's best self. In the book, the former UFC fighter explores his various failures in life and how they have shaped him into the accomplished man he is today.

Tim Kennedy and Ariel Helwani talk about rescuing Benjamin Hall

When Ariel Helwani asked Tim Kennedy about his time in war-torn Ukraine and rescuing Fox reporter Benjamin Hall, the former fighter said that the incident was going to be made into a movie.

Kennedy stated that the Save Our Allies (an NGO focused on saving America and its allies from war-torn places) team were the ones who extracted the reporter from the country. Explaining the incident, Kennedy said:

"He [Benjamin Hall] was a front line, like war correspondent for Fox right here in New York. And he was targeted by Russia. He was in Ukraine close to the front lines and just reporting on the ground... The guy with him died. I mean most of the people in his vehicle died."

Kennedy further explained that he and the Save Our Allies team secretly got the reporter out of the country to a medical facility beyond Ukraine's borders.

He refused to reveal any fine details about the operation owing to its sensitive nature. The soldier, however, confirmed that the reporter is currently back in San Antonio, Texas.

Watch the full interview below:


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