"Families can't defend themselves" - Tito Ortiz says Conor McGregor shouldn't target opponents' families; lists his 3 rules for trash talking

Conor McGregor (left), Tito Ortiz (right)
Conor McGregor (left), Tito Ortiz (right)

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz believes that Conor McGregor talking trash about another fighter's family is wrong because they can't defend themselves. The former UFC light heavyweight champion instead listed his three rules for trash talking while appearing on Paddy Pimblett's podcast.

The 47-year-old is a legend of the sport and early UFC fans will definitely remember his run from 2003 to 2006 when he was one of the biggest stars in the organization. His fights with Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, and Forrest Griffin were one for the history books. A brief stint at Bellator also saw the American earn a victory against famed trash-talker Chael Sonnen. At a Golden Boy Promotions MMA event, he got a much-needed win over his rival Liddell.

Tito Ortiz sat down with Paddy Pimblett on the Chattin Pony podcast and discussed his life, career and the current UFC roster. 'The Huntington Beach Bad Boy' shared stories from his childhood and believes that growing up in Huntington Beach helped shape his three main rules in regards to trash-talking another fighter:

"I spoke my mind and I talked a lot of sh*t but I backed it up. A lot of it though was because I have my three rules that I continue to do through my career. I've been competing now for 25 years. Don't talk about a person's family, don't talk about a person's country and don't lie."

In regards to Conor McGregor, who is considered one of MMA's biggest motor-mouths, Ortiz said:

"I watch a lot of guys and I see Conor McGregor, they start talking about peoples wives and sh*t and that's just a line that shouldn't be drawn. Families can't defend themselves."

Catch Tito Ortiz's comments from 5:50 of the video below:


Michael Bisping responds to Conor McGregor

On the topic of trash talking, 'The Notorious' landed himself in hot water this week after taking aim at former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Conor McGregor recently started filming for his first major Hollywood role in the remake of American classic Road House. The Irishman's new gig resulted in him some unprompted shots at 'The Count', his movie and TV career, on Twitter. 'The Notorious' labeled them as "non-memorable."

Tensions between Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor are rising...

Bisping has now responded to McGregor on the latest episode of the Believe You Me podcast. The Manchester-born fighter has called the Irishman "deluded" and doesn't understand what prompted him to write the tweet.

"He's so f*****g deluded, he probably does fancy himself, which would be a mistake. We'll just leave it at that. I mean this is what I always say about Conor, he's a very famous, very wealthy man. I don't even follow Conor on social media, I don't interact with him or anything like that and he's just going to come out the blue and do stuff like that, I don't get it."

Catch the podcast here:


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