Trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox breaks skull: Ex-UFC athlete debunks wild claim 

Fallon Fox [Image credits: @fallon_fox on Instagram]
Fallon Fox [Image credits: @fallon_fox on Instagram]

Former UFC fighter Kay Hansen recently debunked claims about transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox breaking her skull during a bout. Fox made history when she became the first mixed martial artist to identify as transgender in March 2013 and compete in a professional MMA bout.

Since her MMA debut in May 2012, Fox has come under fire from many fans, fighters, and the media, who are against male-to-female transgender fighters competing in women's mixed martial arts. 'The Queen of Swords' has won five out of her six fights.

During her last fight against Tamikka Brents in September 2014, Fallon Fox finished her opponent via TKO in the first round and fractured her skull in the process.

While Brents is the only opponent to have her skull fractured by Fox, popular internet personality Dr. Anastasia Loupis recently tweeted that Fallon Fox had also broken Kay Hansen's skull during a fight by posting an image of Hansen with a bloodied face.

However, Kay Hansen has rubbished those claims and clarified that she's never faced Fox in the cage. Chastizing Dr. Loupis for spreading false claims, she quote-tweeted:

"No she didn’t, lol. I never fought Fallon Fox. I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. Stop using my photo [from a completely different fight] to push your personal agenda. Check your facts before you spread misinformation."

Check out the tweet here.

Joe Rogan on transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox fighting against cisgender women

Transgender women being allowed to compete against cisgender women has been a hotly debated topic among combat sports fans for a very long time.

Joe Rogan, one of the most influential voices in the sport, once shared his two cents on the issue by referencing Fallon Fox.

In July 2018, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience (#1147) spoke to neuroscientist Dr. Debra Soh about Fox's emergence in mixed martial arts and expressed his concerns over the advantages the trans fighter has over her opponents.

Referring to their bone density and bone structure remaining unaffected by sex reassignment surgery, Rogan stated:

"She calls herself a woman, but I tend to disagree... And she wants to be able to fight women in MMA. I say no f***ing way. I say if you had a di*k at one point in time, you also have all the bone structure that comes with having a di*k. You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints."

Watch the video below:


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