"They're deliberately misinterpreting Joe Rogan's profession" - True Geordie slams CNN segment for trying to discredit UFC commentator by taking quotes out of context 

True Geordie (left) via YouTube/ True Geordie; Joe Rogan (right) via YouTube/PowerfulJRE
True Geordie (left) via YouTube/ True Geordie; Joe Rogan (right) via YouTube/PowerfulJRE

True Geordie recently fired shots at mainstream media outlets in the wake of the controversy around Joe Rogan.

The UFC color commentator recently found himself amid controversy over his use of racist slurs. Many media outlets, including CNN, have been vocal about removing Rogan's popular podcast JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) from Spotify.

However, in a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Brian Davis, aka True Geordie, backed Rogan and stated that the podcaster's profession was being misinterpreted. Davis believed Rogan was being treated more like a newsreader tasked with keeping the nation informed.

The YouTuber also argued that news media outlets lacked credibility, prompting the average person to seek information from Rogan's podcast.

True Geordie said:

"They're deliberately misinterpreting Joe Rogan's profession which is podcaster and acting like he's a newsreader and acting like it's his job to keep the nation informed. You know if he is wrong, so what? That's his problem and he will lose viewers over that. That is not the job of CNN to attack... They're clearly losing you. And why are they losing regular people? Because we don't trust them anymore...They keep telling us one thing and telling us another and another. And when they get caught they don't admit 'I was wrong' but you know who does admit they're wrong? Joe Rogan. That's why he's credibility is up here and regular news is down there. It's because they will never admit they're wrong and we know that."

Watch True Geordie give his opinion on the popular podcaster below:


Brian Stelter, CNN's chief media correspondent, has been an outspoken critic of Rogan. Stelter stated that Americans trust the popular podcaster more than "real newsrooms."

Dana White clears the air about Joe Rogan's absence from UFC 271

According to Dana White, Rogan's absence from UFC 271 was not a company decision, and there was no scheduling conflict.

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping was confirmed as Rogan's replacement in the commentary booth just hours before UFC 271.

It was speculated that Rogan could not attend UFC 271 due to a scheduling conflict. Few even mentioned how his podcast controversy may have influenced the decision.

However, the UFC president debunked those rumors during the post-fight conference.

White said:

"No, there is no conflict of schedule. Joe Rogan did not work tonight. Rogan couldn't work tonight. I do not know what Joe Rogan had to do. You guys have to ask him. But I mean there wasn't any Joe could not work or anything like that. I know that came out and it is total bulls**t... Whenever he's going to work again, he will be working."

Watch Dana White's full interview at the post-fight conference of UFC 271 below:


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