Tyron Woodley reveals what Floyd Mayweather told him after his loss to Jake Paul

Floyd Mayweather (left); Tyron Woodley (center) and Jake Paul (right)
Floyd Mayweather (left); Tyron Woodley (center) and Jake Paul (right)

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather helped Tyron Woodley out with a few tips in the lead-up to the latter’s professional boxing match against Jake Paul.

The Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley matchup took place on Sunday night. The fight saw Paul defeat Woodley via split decision.

Following the defeat, Tyron Woodley appeared on The MMA Hour and spoke to Ariel Helwani about the fight. When asked what Mayweather told him after his loss to Jake Paul, the 39-year-old said:

“Floyd just said, you know, um, Floyd don’t like when I talk about a lot of technique and stuff that we work on. He’s really secretive with that. But it was some things that I did really well that he said I should have did more of. He did say just a little bit more output. He did feel like I won the fight. He said, ‘You know, I told you that he (Jake Paul) was going to be kind of scared of you. You’ve been there before’. He said, ‘He ain’t been hit with no sh** yet. We’re gonna see how he responds’. He said, ‘You’ve been hit with four-ounce gloves, and you can take it. Let’s see how he deals with that’.”

He added:

“So, kind of what he said to a T kind of played out, you know. Jake played it off, but he was hurt. He was running. He was clinching. I didn’t clinch him one time. I don’t know that my back was against the rope one time. There was very few times I should have been pressing forward. So, every single thing he said I was gonna do, that was gonna happen, he did.”


Tyron Woodley, Floyd Mayweather, and Jake Paul are at different stages of their respective careers

Jake Paul (left) and Tyron Woodley (right)
Jake Paul (left) and Tyron Woodley (right)

Tyron Woodley is on a four-fight losing streak in his MMA career and has now lost his professional boxing debut as well. The former UFC welterweight champion is currently lobbying for a rematch against Jake Paul.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather retired from professional boxing in August 2017 but has competed in a pair of exhibition boxing matches in the ensuing years. His most recent fight came against Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul – an exhibition boxing bout that took place earlier this year.

As for Jake Paul, his next opponent and comeback date remain unclear.

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