UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber spars with an AI-enabled MMA bot: Watch

Screenshots of Urjah Faber grappling with ROLLBOT [Images Courtesy: @urijahfaber on Instagram]
Screenshots of Urjah Faber grappling with ROLLBOT [Images Courtesy: @urijahfaber on Instagram]

Urijah Faber was able to tangle with the latest-and-greatest in AI-enabled grappling technology, as the UFC Hall of Famer recently took on the ROLLBOT.

The BJJ dummy was originally designed for UFC commentator Joe Rogan, a black belt in BJJ, after comments he made on the JRE podcast about the perfect grappling dummy.

The dummy has been constructed using springs and sensors which provide both a realistc feel as well as a realistic response to submission holds.

Urijah Faber uploaded a video of himself flow rolling with a ROLLBOT on Instagram, and said this:

"The Rollbot is on my time. 12:30 AM. No sleep, no taking turns, no complaints, no ego. I got to test out the latest version…Nearly triangled by The Rollbot. My boy Sam has been busy in the lab. We appreciate all the feed back from the first founder run."

Watch the video below:

The world of submission grappling is forever evolving, with grappling events now being broadcast on UFC Fight Pass, allowing more eyes on the stars of BJJ than ever before.

The UFC may have lost the opportunity to broadcast the ADCC World Championships, the pinnacle of no-gi grappling, but other grappling events will still be held on UFC Fight Pass.

Henry Cejudo encouraged to keep fighting by Urijah Faber following UFC 288 loss

Henry Cejudo's return to the octagon did not go as planned for the former two-division champion, as he lost a unanimous decision to Aljamain Sterling in the UFC 288 main event.

Cejudo admitted in his post-fight interview that he was in two minds about whether to carry on fighting. He returned to the sport after three years off, having retired in 2020. But 'Triple C' appeared to be calling time on his career once again as he took his gloves off in the cage at UFC 288.

An interaction between Urijah Faber and Henry Cejudo was captured backstage following the event, where the UFC Hall of Famer encouraged Cejudo to keep on fighting.

Faber said this:

"Hey, when you back in there bro? It's smart to get back in there man. You gotta f*cking do your thing. Hey bro, you're the baddest motherf*cker on the planet, you need to be stacked!"

Watch the video below:

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