UFC lightweight Matt Frevola questions authenticity of 'How to be a WAG' amidst Ian Garry wife controversy

Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee (left) and Matt Frevola (right). [via Instagram @laylannalee and UFC]
Ian Garry and Layla Anna-Lee (left) and Matt Frevola (right). [via Instagram @laylannalee and UFC]

UFC welterweight sensation Ian Garry is married to English sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee, and one of her past publications is raising eyebrows amongst fans and other fighters alike.

The two tied the knot in February 2022 and had a son in October of the same year. Their relationship seems tight, with the family staying together through Garry's fight camps and fight weeks.

However, a book authored by Layla Anna-Lee before she met Garry has come into the spotlight. Titled 'How to be a WAG', the book guides female fans on how to get into a relationship with athletes, prompting fans to question their relationship.

A fan wrote:

"Lmao Ian Garry’s 40 year old wife wrote a book on how to trap young rich athletes and be a “WAG” before she ever met him [skull emoji] How did the dude fall for this when she's so open about it [Man facepalming emoji] [wastebasket]"

UFC lightweight Matt Frevola also reacted to the post and was shocked at the book.

"Is this real lol"

Check out his comment below:

Ian Garry clarifies Leon Edwards gym exit, blames latter's head coach

Ian Garry was recently embroiled in a gym controversy where he was requested to leave the Team Renegade gym in Birmingham over a conflict of interest.

The gym is used by welterweight champion Leon Edwards, and his coaches were concerned about training with a potential challenger such as Ian Garry.

Garry explained the reason behind his exit and the people behind it.

"No, I was not thrown out of Leon Edwards' gym. I was politely asked not to return because we are potentially on a collision path. So the two owners of the gym Renegade, Tom and Ash, both of which I get along with. Both of which said it was a privilege to work with me and that they really, really enjoy me being on the mats."

He continued:

"Leon's head coach was the one who has an issue, and was the one who asked me not to come back. Because he has his own best fighters; his own fighter's interests at heart. He was the one who had an issue and he does not own the gym. I don't go up there because of Leon. I go up to Renegade because of Henry Cleminson and Tom Breese."

Check out his full comments below:

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