"That's just a hard fight for no reason" - Anthony Smith believes it would not be in Tony Ferguson's interest to accept a fight with Gregor Gillespie

Gregor Gillespie (left), Tony Ferguson (right) [Images Courtesy: @gregorthegift @tonyfergusonxt on Instagram]
Gregor Gillespie (left), Tony Ferguson (right) [Images Courtesy: @gregorthegift @tonyfergusonxt on Instagram]
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Anthony Smith has pointed out that there is very little benefit to Tony Ferguson accepting a fight with Gregor Gillespie. Ferguson is coming off a three-fight losing streak, but each loss was to a top-five lightweight contender.

Gregor Gillespie is currently ranked No.12 and has one of the most dangerous wrestling games in the entire division. Despite this, he is not a particularly big name, especially when compared to Ferguson.

Gillespie recently called Ferguson out in a video posted to his Twitter account, which can be seen below:

Speaking on the Believe You Me podcast with Michael Bisping, Anthony Smith had the following to say about whether Ferguson should answer the callout or not:

"That's just a hard fight for no reason. He wants big fights not just hard fights for no reason and I totally get that. I echo everything you say. There's a lot of reasons to say no. And if I'm Tony Ferguson I can't think of a whole bunch of reasons to say yeah."

Michael Bisping on potential Tony Ferguson vs. Michael Chandler fight

One fight Tony Ferguson has expressed some interest in is a bout against Michael Chandler, who burst into the UFC in 2021. Chandler ultimately failed in his bid to become champion, but still grew into a popular figure to UFC fans all across the globe.

Michael Bisping had the following to say on Michael Chandler as a potential opponent for Ferguson:

"Chandler, I wouldn't say he's an easier fight than Gregor Gillespie. But Chandler is kinda like the sweetheart of 2021; debut of the year, fight of the year against Justin Gaethje, you know, tremendously exciting fight. You know, that's why he wants to fight him. Because he's like, 'That's the guy I want to put myself up to.' Also, on the flip side, and I'm not saying this, if you lose to someone like that, it's not as bad because, you know, there is that little element that comes into the brain here and there."

Check out the full episode of the Believe You Me podcast below:


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