"It felt like I was on fire" - Anthony Smith reveals he had a numb spot from dead nerves because of Jon Jones' kicks

Background via Getty, Anthony Smith via
Background via Getty, Anthony Smith via
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Anthony Smith challenged Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title at UFC 235 in March 2019. 'Lionheart' displayed immense chin and toughness throughout the five rounds despite coming on the wrong side of a unanimous decision.

Smith recently recounted the singular injury he suffered during his title fight against 'Bones'. Smith revealed that multiple front kicks from Jones left him with a numb spot under his belly button.

Smith also recalled a terrible burning sensation during recovery which was concentrated in a small area. The 33-year old recently told Michael Bisping during an appearance on the Believe You Me podcast:

"For like six months I had a numb spot right under my belly button. He [Jon Jones] front kicked me so many times that it killed the nerves. Like in the skin, where I just had this dead spot where I couldn't feel anything. And then when the nerves started to grow back, it would just feel like, every once in a while I would just be standing there and I would get this flash where I felt like I was on fire. Just on this one little like, a half dollar size, where the skin would just be burning. That was the worst. It was terrible."

Watch Smith's appearance on Believe You Me below:


Anthony Smith accused Jon Jones of failing drug tests

Anthony Smith may have dropped the title shot, but he earned Jon Jones' respect after the fight. However, the former two-time champ did not refrain from roasting Smith for supposedly struggling to subdue a home invader.

Smith did not have an answer when asked about the change in Jones' attitude. However, 'Lionheart' did claim that he was repeatedly informed about Jones failing drug tests in the lead-up to their title fight at UFC 235.

Smith said in an appearance on The Jenna Ben Show:

"I always talk about Jon very factually. He does this well, he does that well, he was suspended for this, but I never get into his drug test bullsh*t. The commission called me every day to let me know he was still failing his drug tests. I never said anything, I let it be because I was just focused on myself and always believed that if you just focus on yourself, you’re going to be that much more successful.” (h/t MMA News)

Watch Anthony Smith's appearance on The Jenna Ben Show below:


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