"I like the fight" - Chael Sonnen suggests how Michael Bisping could possibly get licensed to box Jake Paul

Chael Sonnen suggests how Michael Bisping vs. Jake Paul could happen [Photo credit:]
Chael Sonnen suggests how Michael Bisping vs. Jake Paul could happen [Photo credit:]
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Chael Sonnen believes there's a way for Michael Bisping to get a license to fight Jake Paul. However, it might require the former UFC champion to pull some strings and grease some palms.

Sonnen thinks Bisping would be a great match for Paul, not only in the physical department, but personality-wise as well. The Englishman, of course, is regarded as one of the best trash talkers in MMA, meaning an epic back-and-forth between himself and Paul is to be expected should the two pair up for a fight.

Dear @bisping,I challenge you to stop hosting your struggling podcast, get licensed to fight, and box me. Let’s see if that UFC belt and all the respect you have can help you beat me in a boxing match.

The biggest hurdle, however, is Bisping's health, particularly his vision. Before he retired, 'The Count' had been secretly fighting with just one good eye since 2013, and was merely passing vision tests by admittedly cheating.

With all that established, Sonnen still thinks Paul vs. Bisping could still happen. The retired UFC middleweight, on his YouTube show, said:

"There for sure is an eye test, but there are also jurisdictions. I mean, could you just imagine if they took that fight to England? If [Michael] Bisping did some legwork here... If he would have found a commission that would allow this to happen – and maybe he's got to pull some strings, he's got a lot of friends in England – he could be the one to do that, and then he went and found a venue."

'The American Gangster' added:

"I hope we get to that point because when we get to the point in the conversation where we start discussing, 'Can Jake Paul beat Michael Bisping?' Michael Bisping was an MMA champion of the world, fighting out of England – a country that does not contest wrestling in the Olympic games. Michael Bisping is a kickboxer. You're taking Brer Rabbit and throwing him into the briar patch. I like the fight, guys. I'm not against it at all."

Check out Chael Sonnen's comments below:


Chael Sonnen believes Michael Bisping is in good shape to fight Jake Paul

Jake Paul has risen to combat sports relevance at the expense of retired MMA champions. 'The Problem Child' is 5-0 with knockout wins over Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

However, Chael Sonnen is of the opinion that Michael Bisping would be a tougher challenge for the YouTube star. The multi-time UFC title challenger said:

"All of us former fighters look the same – fat, out of shape, depressed, lonely, bored... Well, not Bisping. I worked with Bisping. I traveled the roads with Bisping. We will have wakeup calls, 8 a.m. You know, you're up by six and you're getting your suit on, your whole bit... You get in your car by 8 a.m. Get your cup of coffee and off you go. Bisping has already ran five miles."

Bisping hasn't fought since 2018, when he suffered a KO loss to Kelvin Gastelum. Meanwhile, Paul's last outing saw him knock out Tyron Woodley in their rematch last December.

I’ve KO’ed everyone I’ve fought.

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