"He might've said something on the stool" - Daniel Cormier reacts to Colby Covington saying his jaw wasn't broken in first fight against Kamaru Usman

Daniel Cormier recently previewed the upcoming rematch between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman
Daniel Cormier recently previewed the upcoming rematch between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman

Daniel Cormier thinks Colby Covington has somewhat contradicted himself by claiming his jaw wasn't broken in the first fight with Kamaru Usman at UFC 245. In the latest episode of the DC & RC podcast, Cormier weighed in on the upcoming welterweight title clash between Usman and Covington at UFC 268.

Speaking about their first fight, Cormier pointed out that when Covington was seated in his corner at the break between the third and fourth rounds, 'Chaos' himself admitted that he likely broke his jaw.

Daniel Cormier then went on to praise Covington for showing incredible toughness during the fight.

"Kamaru breaks his jaw. Colby could tell you he didn't break his jaw. That's what he's saying now. He is saying it now his jaw wasn't broken but I think he might have said something on the stool that his jaw was broke.[He said] 'I think my jaw is broken'. But it was truly a fight between the best welterweight in the world and the second best welterweight in the world because for everybody else, love Colby, hate Colby, he's a tough son of a gun and that dude can fight."

After an intriguing back-and-forth battle, Kamaru Usman stopped Colby Covington in the fifth round via TKO to win their first meeting at UFC 245. Covington put Usman to the test in a fight that may have been his most difficult challenge inside the octagon since becoming champion.

Check out Daniel Cormier's preview of the UFC 268 main event below:


Daniel Cormier explains why Kamaru Usman cannot fight Colby Covington the way he did the first time

Daniel Cormier claims Kamaru Usman cannot throw caution to the wind and indulge in another slugfest with Colby Covington in their rematch. 'DC' revealed that he had a chat with Usman about the gung-ho style of fighting in the first meeting with Colby.

Although Usman enjoyed the slugfest, he admitted that he can't get into too many of those if he wants to prolong his career and remain healthy going forward. Daniel Cormier believes this to be the reason why Usman will employ a different kind of a gameplan against Covington this weekend.

"I spoke to him and he goes, 'I loved it, I had fun.' He said 'In my brain, in my life after fighting I can't be involved in too many of those.' We love those fights when you come out on top and you went to war but you know you can't do it multiple times in order to live a healthy, good life."

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Edited by Utathya Ghosh
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