"It can be in the phone booth or wherever, that fight will happen" - Francis Ngannou announces his intentions towards fight with Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou (left); Tyson Fury (right)
Francis Ngannou (left); Tyson Fury (right)

Current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou announced his intentions towards a fight with Tyson Fury.

Boxing has been a lifelong dream for Ngannou, who originally strapped on the gloves with the intention of stepping into the boxing ring. MMA turned out to be a successful path, but among the Cameroonian's demands is that the UFC allow him to participate in boxing. The promotion co-promoted with Floyd Mayweather and Showtime for the 'Money Fight' featuring Conor McGregor.

Ngannou is currently recovering after undergoing knee surgery to repair the damage he suffered in training for a title unifier against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270. Dana White has expressed confidence the champ will re-sign, but Ngannou is in uncharted territory as a potential free agent by the end of this year.

On his YouTube channel, 'The Predator' made his intentions crystal clear:

"I don't really care about what [it] would be. I just think it'll be a fight against Tyson Fury. It can be in a phone booth or wherever [but] that fight will happen."

Check out Francis Ngannou's comments on the possible fight with Tyson Fury below:


Ngannou also stated that he doesn't expect Fury to have an MMA bout with him as he would easily defeat 'The Gypsy King'.

Georges St-Pierre doesn't think Francis Ngannou boxing Tyson Fury is a good idea

Georges St-Pierre has outlined the consequences of Francis Ngannou possibly boxing Tyson Fury.

According to 'GSP', Ngannou and Fury will never fight under mixed martial arts rules, as he believes 'The Predator' will crush the boxing heavyweight in under 30 seconds.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, the former UFC two-division champion explained why a loss to Fury in boxing could change Ngannou's career, he said:

"He's a specialist of mixed martial arts, Tyson Fury has boxed all his life, so the odds will go towards Tyson Fury in a boxing match. Of course they will never fight in MMA because Francis will crush him under 30 seconds but I'm just afraid, if you step into boxing maybe he is going to get that punch and stuff. Sometimes it can break a career, you know what I mean."

Check out St-Pierre's full interview on The MMA Hour below:


St-Pierre believes that in a boxing match, the odds will heavily favor Fury and it would not be wise for Ngannou to take on that challenge.

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