'This is the last time he can punch inside or outside the octagon' - Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti claims video of Conor McGregor's attack on him will end Irishman's career

Conor McGregor (left) and Francesco Facchinetti (Facchinetti's image credits: @frafacchinetti via Instagram)
Conor McGregor (left) and Francesco Facchinetti (Facchinetti's image credits: @frafacchinetti via Instagram)
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Francesco Facchinetti has asked for video footage of Conor McGregor's alleged attack on him at a party in Rome. According to Facchinetti, the video footage will mean the end of McGregor's career as a professional fighter.

In an exclusive interview with, the Italian DJ said:

"Where are the videos? I think, if that video is going out, sorry for Mr. McGregor but this is the last time he can punch in normal life and inside the octagon because I'm waiting that type of video. When I went out I say to my wife and my friends I don't want to do nothing you know. He can kill me okay? Because his punch is like a Kalashnikov, he can kill me okay? I am alive, I'm lucky, I wan't to go back. My friend Ben said to me, 'if you don't do nothing you are f***ing stupid because you saw what happened. The bodyguards are not for defend[ing] McGregor against the people, they are defend[ing] the people from Mr. McGregor.' He told me 'you need to go to the police first because the next time he punch another guy and that guy die or go to the hospital or something bad happens, it's also your fault..."

Facchinetti said his initial reaction was to let the incident go because he was happy to have come out of the altercation alive. However, the Italian DJ later felt he didn't want McGregor to inflict further physical harm on others, thus taking legal action against the former two-division UFC champ.

Watch the interview with Facchinetti below:


Conor McGregor's attack on him was unprovoked, claims Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti

The one and only @MrTudorLeonte wrapped up an interesting interview with Francesco Facchinetti, the Italian personality alleged punched by Conor McGregor.According to Facchinetti, they were leaving and McGregor asked to stay a bit more more, and then punched him.

According to reports, Facchinetti, his wife and Conor McGregor were partying at the St. Regis hotel in Rome. Things were going well until McGregor allegedly threw a devastating punch at the DJ, breaking his nose.

Facchinetti's wife initially believed that McGregor was playing a practical joke but soon realized that her husband was bleeding. She claimed that the Irishman's bodyguards held Francesco up so that McGregor could continue beating the Italian DJ.

According to Facchinetti and his wife, McGregor's attack was completely unprovoked. They also referred to him as a 'violent and dangerous' individual.

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