"Donald Cerrone would be good" - Michael Bisping on who Nick Diaz should fight next, suggests a BMF title fight with Jorge Masvidal

Michael Bisping (left), Nick Diaz (center) and Jorge Masvidal (right)
Michael Bisping (left), Nick Diaz (center) and Jorge Masvidal (right)

Michael Bisping has come up with suggestions regarding who Nick Diaz should fight next in the UFC.

In the latest episode of the Believe You Me podcast, Bisping named Donald Cerrone and Jorge Masvidal as the two fighters he would like Diaz to be pitted against in his next octagon appearance:

"I'd like to see him against someone in a similar position like Donald Cerrone. Donald Cerrone would be good. He fights at 170. Of course, he's fighting Joe Lauzon at 155 on the next pay-per-view... but he can bump back up to 170... What about Jorge Masvidal? Do you know what I mean? Put the BMF title back on the line. [Jorge Masvidal] beat up his little brother [Nate Diaz]. See if he can do the same to him... It'll be a fun stylistic matchup."

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Diaz's coach Cesar Gracie uploaded a picture of the MMA veteran to his Instagram account, hinting at a possible return in 2022.

Nick Diaz was last seen in action in September 2021

After an absence of more than six years, Diaz returned to action last year in September. The Stockton native took on Robbie Lawler in a rematch at UFC 266. The fight was a competitive affair in the first two rounds but then 'Ruthless' landed a check hook that dropped Diaz to the ground. The 38-year-old decided not to continue the fight. As a result, Lawler got his hand raised via TKO.

Nick was doing great for someone who's been gone for 5 years.He was well on his way to a victory but his conditioning failed him, which is something I never thought I'd say.Hope to see him again soon if he's up for it!

Reacting to Diaz's performance, UFC commentator Joe Rogan said on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that the 38-year-old would have had a better outing if he had more time to prepare:

"He didn't do that bad for a guy that was out six [years]. You know, Robbie Lawler was pressuring him and he was putting it on him and he was definitely getting the better of the exchanges, but it's not like Nick Diaz didn't have his moments. He definitely did. He would just have to have way more time to prepare and he would have to really be, like, ready to go... Like the Nick Diaz that fought Anderson Silva, like the Nick Diaz that fought Georges St-Pierre... I mean, that dude was a f*****g killer."

Watch Joe Rogan talk about Diaz's performance at UFC 266 below:


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