"Three elbows, two knees, fight was over" - When actor Marlon Wayans recalled Nick Diaz beating up a man outside a nightclub

Nick Diaz [Image Credit: @nickdiaz209 via Twitter]
Nick Diaz [Image Credit: @nickdiaz209 via Twitter]
Pakshal Shah

Actor Marlon Wayans once shared a story of Nick Diaz beating up a man outside a nightclub. It wasn't the first time that the Stockton native had engaged in a brawl and unfortunately might not be the last one either.

While interacting with TMZ Sports, Wayans said:

"I've always said to him [Nick Diaz] and his brother [Nate Diaz], I've seen them one time outside of a club and some dude was about to fight them and I said, 'Bro you're f****** with the wrong dude' and he goes, 'f*** that bro, you don't know me.' I said, 'look at his ear,' he was like, 'no.' Nick grabbed his a**, three elbows and two knees and the fight was over with blood everywhere. I just tapped the dude and said, 'I told your a**.'"

Watch Wayans recall the Nick Diaz incident below:

There are many accounts of Nick Diaz being involved in similar incidents outside of the octagon. The most infamous was the brawl between Jason 'Mayhem' Miller and Jake Shields, Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz at the Strikeforce: Nashville event in 2010.

Amazingly, the Strikeforce: Nashville brawl happened 10 years ago today(!).One of the most infamous MMA moments of all time, and it all happened on CBS. It also produced one of the more memorable quotes in the sport’s history:“Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

Another instance took place at UFC 57. After losing his bout via unanimous decision against Joe Riggs, Diaz continued his trash-talk even as the two of them were getting post-fight medical exams. They continued their fight right there in the middle of the hospital until security separated them.

Diaz was also reportedly involved in a fight that broke out at a Las Vegas nightclub in August 2016. However, he wasn't the aggressor in this incident, he got jumped by four men for accidentally bumping into one of them.

Nick Diaz's return to the UFC

Nick Diaz returned after more than six years away from the octagon for his bout against Robbie Lawler at UFC 266. The Stockton star faced 'Ruthless' in a rematch 17 years in the making.

In the first two rounds, Diaz outstruck the former welterweight champion. However, he was exhausted going into the third. 'Ruthless' knocked down the Stockton native with a check hook, after which the 38-year-old chose not to return to his feet.

Nick Diaz leaves the Octagon after delivering a show, but falling short in his comeback fight at #UFC266

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