UFC star Aljamain Sterling reacts to Nikola Jokić's brother punching fan at Lakers vs. Nuggets game

Aljamain Sterling (left) shares his thoughts on the altercation involving Nikola Jokić's (right) brother [Image Courtesy: @ufcontnt via X/Twitter and @nuggets via X/Twitter]

Nikola Jokić's brother, Strahinja Jokić, has found himself at the center of controversy, after allegedly punching a fan at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets playoffs game. Former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has taken to X to weigh in on the situation.

Sterling seems to believe that the incident should not be escalated beyond the level it has already reached. His post indicated that he urged the fan not to press charges or pursue legal action against Jokić's brother.

"Sometimes you just gotta eat it and let it slide. #NoDiddy #NoSnitchin"

Sterling, who recently made a successful featherweight debut at UFC 300, is opting for deescalation. However, as the circumstances behind the incident remain unknown, there is little commentary to be done regarding thoughts on how the fan ought to react to it.

A video of the incident, shared by TMZ, reveals a man purported to be Strahinja Jokić making his way over several seats to confront a fan with whom he appears to have been arguing. Upon closing the distance, the man alleged to be Strahinja punches the fan, who leaves without retaliating.

Unfortunately, violent incidents at basketball games aren't as rare as they perhaps ought to be. Draymond Green, for example, has drawn tremendous fan attention for his violent behavior on the basketball court. Last year, Conor McGregor was embroiled in a brief controversy at Game Four of the NBA Finals.

He punched the Miami Heat mascot, Burnie in a scripted skit meant to promote the Irishman's pain relief spray. The initial punch was rehearsed, but the second punch, thrown when Burnie was floored, generated controversy and reportedly led to hospital treatment for the mascot.

McGregor, however, has since claimed that it was all part of a planned skit.

One of Nikola Jokić's other brothers is an MMA fighter

While Nikola Jokić's brother, Strahinja Jokić is currently facing allegations of physical assault, the basketball player's other brother, Nemanja Jokić is an undefeated MMA fighter.

Check out Nikola Jokić's brother, Nemanja Jokić, knocking out his opponent:

Nemanja boasts a record of three wins and no losses, with every win coming by knockout. He even competed in a Muay Thai bout, which he won via knockout, defeating William Vandervier in 2021.

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