UFC star Chris Weidman shares pre and post-surgery X-ray images of his leg

Chris Weidman
Chris Weidman
Sayan Nag

Chris Weidman recently shared X-ray images of his broken shin before and after the successful surgery. In the photos shared via Twitter, his shin can be seen snapped in two. Contrastingly, the post-surgery images show the shin back in form, held in place with a rod and screws.

In an ironic turn of events at UFC 261, Chris Weidman suffered a gruesome injury as his right shin broke due to a checked leg kick by Uriah Hall. Fans, commentators and his opponent looked devastated as Weidman hit the canvas in agony. Chris Weidman was rushed to hospital, where he underwent successful surgery, as reported by his wife. Providing details of the surgery, Chris Weidman said in an Instagram video:

"Surgery was successful. They put a titanium rod to the tibia; through the knee, they go through the knee and take the rod in. They drill it through the tibia and make it straight and hard. My fibula is broken as well, but I guess when they put the tibia back together and my leg was straight, the fibula kind of matched back up to where it was broken."

Chris Weidman's opponent was concerned about him

Weidman's opponent, Uriah Hall, appeared genuinely concerned about the damage and showed absolute class in the post-fight interview. Paying his regards to Chris Weidman, Hall said:

"I got nothing but respect for Chris Weidman. He is truly one of the best. It is a crazy story that he was the first man I fought that defeated me, that introduced me to fear. I didn't know what fear was, I'm scared of wrestling. And during that time we went different paths. He was the first one who defeated Andreson (Silva), I was the last. And it's just crazy how we ended up here again."

Chris Weidman's injury took us to an immediate flashback of Anderson Silva's left leg going limp after suffering a similar injury against the New York native at UFC 168.

Uriah Hall's respectful post-fight interview immediately initiated comparisons to Chris Weidman's approach towards Anderson Silva's injury. While many accused Weidman of celebrating after the incident, the former UFC middleweight champion claims to have been unaware of the extent of the damage to Silva's leg.

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