UFC Vegas 8 - Alexa Grasso has successful debut at flyweight

Alexa Grasso
Alexa Grasso

After UFC Vegas 8 started with four fast submissions, it continued with four straight decisions. Including Alexa Grasso having a successful debut at her new weight class.

The Mexican ended her one fight losing streak and continued her alternating ways in her UFC run. She's now 4-3 with the company. The former 14th ranked strawweight will almost definitely be now ranked at flyweight after handing Ji Yeon Kim a loss.

Alexa Grasso wins flyweight debut

The 27-year-old was up against the tough South Korean who had a huge reach advantage. Alexa Grasso came into the fight saying how good she felt not having to cut another ten pounds. And she moved in and out solidly and her boxing was absolutely on point.

Her precision jab eventually opened Kim's nose. Grasso's movement off the centerline made it tough for Ji Yeon to counter, which was her game plan. But the duo did exchange a couple of times as neither took a backward step. Alexa also looked to chop Kim's legs, in a complete body attack.

As Kim continued to eat more and more shots, her breathing became deeper. With her not moving from side to side, it made it easier for Grasso to land more shots. Including some hard landing combinations.

The two fighters clinched along the fence and traded dominant positions. Ji Yeon looked as if she was going to search for a submission, but Alexa got away. Feeling the pressure to do something, Kim looked to finally let her hands fly. But Grasso was able to get a successful trip takedown.

That was Alexa Grasso's 1st successful one since her UFC debut in 2016, which is hard to believe. From there she landed into half guard. And would have been happy to ride out the rest of the fight, but put a stamp on it, by landing ground and pound from the top; for the unanimous decision win.

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Edited by Soumik Datta
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