Watch: Chris Weidman suffers the most horrific UFC leg break ever against Uriah Hall

Chris Weidman suffers leg break at UFC 261
Chris Weidman suffers leg break at UFC 261

In an ironic turn of fate, Chris Weidman suffered a gruesome leg break against Uriah Hall at UFC 261.

The incident took place within just a few seconds of the fight starting on the main card of the night. Chris Weidman threw a right leg kick that Uriah Hall checked, and Weidman's leg quite visibly snapped and bent in an awkward way as the former middleweight champion fell to the ground.

The fight was stopped only 17 seconds into the first round.

Watch the video of the leg break injury below [VIEWER'S DISCRETION ADVISED].

The fight remained paused for a while as the doctors checked on Chris Weidman. The camera, meanwhile, remained focused on Uriah Hall, who was visibly upset by what had transpired, but it was quite out of his hands.

Chris Weidman was taken out of the octagon on a stretcher and Uriah Hall was subsequently announced the winner via TKO.

In the post-fight interview, Uriah Hall showed respect towards Chris Weidman and wished him a speedy recovery from the injury.

"I've got nothing but respect for Chris Weidman. He's truly one of the best. It's a crazy story. that he was the first man I fought that defeated me [in 2010], that introduced me to fear. I didn't know what fear was. Then we went different paths. He was the first person to defeat Anderson [in the UFC], and I was the last. It's crazy how we ended up here again. I wanted to put on a great performance but man, I feel so bad. I hope he's OK. I wish his family well."

Dana White tweeted shortly after the incident that Uriah Hall was the first ever fighter in history to win a bout without landing a single strike.

When Anderson Silva broke his leg against Chris Weidman in the same manner

The sequence of events oddly mirrors how Anderson Silva suffered a leg break injury in the exact same manner eight years ago against Chris Weidman.

In the second loss of his UFC career, 'The Spider' went down with a brutal leg injury after he tried to throw a leg kick and Weidman blocked it with his own. Silva's shin hit Weidman below the knee, just like Weidman's hit Hall's, and it fractured at the most painful angle. Silva hit the ground immediately, writhing in pain, and was carried out of the cage on a stretcher.


Anderson Silva never managed to win another fight in the UFC and that defeat to Chris Weidman is largely considered as the beginning of his end in the promotion.

MMA Twitter exploded about the poetic turn of events shortly after the Weidman vs. Hall fight ended.

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