Watch: Colby Covington disses Anthony Pettis in hilarious video; confuses Alex Morono for Brandon Moreno

Colby Covington (L) and Anthony Pettis (R)
Colby Covington (L) and Anthony Pettis (R)
Anwesha Nag
Modified 20 Dec 2020

Colby Covington is not at all impressed by Anthony Pettis, neither did he have confidence in 'Showtime' winning his latest fight.

Anthony Pettis returned to the Octagon tonight to face Alex Morono in a Welterweight bout at UFC Vegas 17. Ahead of the bout, fellow Welterweight Colby Covington took to his Instagram to diss the former UFC Lightweight Champion.

Colby Covington: Anthony Pettis should have quit fighting

In the usual style that Colby Covington talks trash, he addressed his fans about making money betting on sports, and brought up Saturday night's UFC event.

"Greeting nerds and virgins. America’s champ is back with America’s pick of the week brought to you by Colby Covington Inc. and the undisputed king of the sports book We’re up here for turning point USA. But its the Holiday Season so we couldn’t leave you guys hanging. There’s still more money to be paid. There’s lines all weekend long at MyBookie for college football, woke sports and even the bum fights tonight."

Colby Covington threw shade on Anthony Pettis, saying that he should have quit fighting along with smoking and drinking, and become a "jobber" to get knocked out by current sensation, YouTuber-boxer Jake Paul.

"There is one bum fight in particular that really caught my eye. And that’s that 'Moreno' kid. And I know what you guys are going to tell me, ‘Colby, he just fought Figueiredo last weekend for the title. That’s a quick turnaround’. And yea, usually that is cause for concern. But, he is fighting washed up Anthony Pettis. That’s a lay up. And don’t try and tell me ‘Colby, Anthony Pettis reinvented himself, he quit drinking and quit smoking’. He should have quit fighting. There is only one thing left for Anthony Pettis in his career and that’s to join the unemployment line with the rest of those jobbers looking to get knocked out by Jake Paul. So go bet the 'Moreno' kid."

He asked his followers to bet on his opponent, but clearly he confused Alex Morono with Brandon Moreno. Whether that was by mistake or just to mock Anthony Pettis more, only 'Chaos' knows. We're guessing the latter.

Anthony Pettis clinched a decision win at UFC Vegas 17

Anthony Pettis was coming off a win over Donald Cerrone in May after suffering two back-to-back losses to Nate Diaz and Diego Ferreira. He built on that by picking up a unanimous decision win over Alex Morono tonight, proving Colby Covington wrong.

Published 20 Dec 2020
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