Watch: Don Frye punches fan in the stands at UFC 270

Former UFC heavyweight and legend, Don Frye
Former UFC heavyweight and legend, Don Frye
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At UFC 270, Don Frye showed that the fighters in the cage are not the only ones who are willing to throw punches at someone. During a heated argument in the stands, Frye threw a straight jab and punched an angry fan in the face.

The encounter was recorded on another fan's cell phone as he watched the altercation play out. After the former UFC heavyweight struck the fan, many of the surrounding patrons were shocked, while some cheered for more.

Watch Don Frye punch a fan in the face in the video below:


It is unclear what started the argument between the UFC original and the irate fan. As of now, there have been no reports of any charges being pressed against Frye for the punch in the face.

'The Predator' fought in the early days of UFC in 1996. He then continued his career in other organizations, such as Pride and K1, before retiring in 2011.

Watch: Ken Shamrock recounts his fight with Don Frye at Pride 19

Don Frye and Ken Shamrock were two of the original UFC fighters during the promotion's tournament days in mid to late 1990s. However, it wasn't until 2002 that they finally fought with each other at Pride 19: Bad Blood.

In a throwback clip posted to Josh Ray's YouTube channel, 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' talks about his performance against 'The Predator'. Shamrock was happy with his performance, given the year and a half hiatus he was on prior to it.

"I wasn't disappointed with the fight. I wasn't disappointed with myself... I could have done some things differently, but we can always do something different after the fact. I felt I went out there, I did what I said I was gonna do... I was gonna go out there and I was gonna take the fight to him... I'd go toe-to-toe with him if he wanted to go toe-to-toe and I would submit him. I would break his legs if I got his legs. I did that. Unfortunately, he didn't tap out. Unfortunately it didn't end the fight. But I wasn't unhappy with it… I took a lot of punches that I didn't need to take, but that was because I hadn't fought in while."

Don Frye lost to Ken Shamrock via unanimous decision in their bout in February 2002. The San Diego native went on to fight many more fights, including a trilogy with Tito Ortiz, before retiring.

Watch Ken Shamrock recount his fight with Frye below:


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