Watch: Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell discuss the importance of civil public debate hilariously dressed in colonial attire

Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell (via @duncantrussell on Instagram)
Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell (via @duncantrussell on Instagram)
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Joe Rogan recently invited stand-up comic, writer and actor Duncan Trussell as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast. During the podcast, Rogan and Trussell discussed the importance of civil public debate and conversations.

What makes the sequence hilarious is Rogan and Duncan sporting traditional colonial attire complete with perukes. According to the UFC color commentator, the key to dicourse lies in being "nice" even if we disagree with others. The 54-year-old said on JRE:

"It's a real simple agreement. It's really possible to do it. Here's an agreement. Always try to be nice. Always. It sounds to stupid but if everybody adopts that... Even if you disagree with me and we have different feelings on things. I've had many conversations with people that I don't agree with. But I can have enjoyable conversations with these people where we talks about things. And I'm not attacking them and maybe I get to understand their motives. Maybe they relax a little, maybe I relax a little."

Watch the clip below:

“Always try to be nice, always.” Even when we disagree. Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell discuss the importance of getting back to our roots of civil public debate and conversations.

Watch the entire episode featuring Duncan Trussell below:

Joe Rogan labels Donald Trump an "existential threat to democracy"

Joe Rogan recently claimed that he rejected multiple offers from former US President Donald Trump to make an appearance on the JRE podcast. Days after backing GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president, Rogan now claims that he is not a Trump supporter in "any way, shape or form."

The UFC color commentator labeled the twice impeached president an 'existential threat to democracy'. Rogan told computer scientist and AI researcher Lex Fridman on his show:

“When people look back historically about the division in this country, he’s such a polarizing figure that so many people felt like they could abandon their own ethics and morals and principles just to attack him and anybody who supports him because he is an existential threat to democracy itself." h/t

However, Rogan believes that Trump has a fair chance of winning if he contests against Joe Biden. Taking a jibe at Biden, the 54-year-old further said:

"Well, he’s running against a dead man, you know? I mean, Biden shakes hands with people that aren’t even there when he gets off stage. I think he’s seeing ghosts,” h/t

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