"I asked you three hours ago!" - Watch Khabib Nurmagomedov argue with Daniel Cormier to make him English breakfast tea 

Khabib Nurmagomedov (left) and Daniel Cormier (right) [Images courtesy: @khabib_nurmagomedov on Instagram and Daniel Cormier on YouTube]
Khabib Nurmagomedov (left) and Daniel Cormier (right) [Images courtesy: @khabib_nurmagomedov on Instagram and Daniel Cormier on YouTube]

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Daniel Cormier have trained together for years. Their relationship extends beyond mutual respect for each other’s skills. It also constitutes a good deal of friendly banter and arguments. In the latest chapter of their friendship, it's English breakfast tea that divides them.

In a video uploaded by Khabib Nurmagomedov on his Instagram account yesterday, the two are seen arguing about tea. The video, seemingly shot by 'The Eagle' at Cormier's house, begins with 'DC' lamenting about having to make tea for his friend. Clearly outlining his needs, the former lightweight champion says, "Black English breakfast tea."

Unfortunately, he was met with a barrage of options from Cormier's kitchen cabinet, none of which was his preferred tea. Nurmagomedov refused green tea, white tea, and stress relief tea stating that he does not have any stress.

The UFC Hall of Famer from Dagestan then went on a mini-rant:

"English breakfast tea, brother! Brother, you don't prepare for me tea? I asked you three hours ago, brother I asked you three hours ago! Only one thing I asked you, English breakfast tea! I don't like white tea!"

Former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier tried to defuse his friend's disappointment by offering him 'positive energy' tea, before blaming the situation on a lack of communication:

"This one you need. For your energy. Because right now you a very negative guy. Hey, you need this one. I asked you, what is the name of this tea you want? You never responded, so now you get white tea."

The funny exchange between the two old friends continued as they argued over false promises and contradicted each other. However, the disappointment was too much for Nurmagomedov as he dejectedly proclaimed, "I'm gonna go home" to end the video.

The two did however enjoy a cup of tea as the thumbnail from Nurmagomedov's Instagram video suggests:

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Daniel Cormier go way back

Ever since Khabib Nurmagomedov arrived in the UFC, his friendship with Daniel Cormier has been in the public spotlight. The two bonded over training together at the American Kickboxing Academy. Over the years, multiple videos have emerged of the duo pranking and bantering each other.

Their intertwined careers had a befittingly beautiful end as the two retired in the same year. Subsequently, they were both inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame this year.

The love between the two was clear in Nurmagomedov's congratulatory post:

Nurmagomedov is hard at work with his own promotion (Eagle FC) and 'DC' is a full-time commentator with the UFC. However, it's heartwarming that they still make time for each other amidst their commitments. It will be very interesting to see if their paths cross again in a professional capacity, be it working at UFC or at Eagle FC.

Check out this compilation of the best videos from their friendship:


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