Watch: Mike Tyson reacts to Deontay Wilder beating up internet bully Charlie Zelenoff 

Mike Tyson (Left) reacts to Charlie Zelenoff (Center) getting beaten up by Deontay Wilder (Right) [Image credit for Charlie Zelenoff: @p4pgoat via Instagram]
Mike Tyson (Left) reacts to Charlie Zelenoff (Center) getting beaten up by Deontay Wilder (Right) [Image credit for Charlie Zelenoff: @p4pgoat via Instagram]

Boxing legend Mike Tyson recently watched the video of Deontay Wilder going berserk on internet troll Charlie Zelenoff in 2014 and was left amused.

The incident came up while Mike Tyson was talking about Deontay Wilder on his podcast, Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson with Henry Cejudo and Andy Ruiz. The trio then went on to watch the video and Mike Tyson provided live commentary while at it. His reaction was exactly as one would expect.

Mike Tyson found it hilariously impressive, but also pointed out that if he did the same thing, he would be in prison.

Who is Charlie Zelenoff?

Born on July 27, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, Charlie Zelenoff is a Russian-American internet personality who claims to be a top-class boxer, per DailyHawker CA.

His social media biographies declare Charlie Zelenoff to be the no.1 pound-for-pound G.O.A.T, the undefeated and undisputed UBF/BMF/WBC champion and the highest paid fighter. He also makes completely outlandish claims such as being 331-0 undefeated in his boxing career with the fastest KO in history in 0.1 seconds.

However, there is no official record of him ever participating in an actual professional boxing bout. According to BoxRec, Charlie Zelenoff has a 0-1 record because he was disqualified in his first official boxing match against Andrew Hartley in May 2008 at Paris Middle School, Arkansas.


After the setback, Charlie Zelenoff decided to take matters into his own hands and turned into a YouTube boxer. He has a YouTube channel called Charlie Zelenoff Uncut where he has 80.7K subscribers as of this date. In the videos shared on said channel, Zelenoff catches his amateur opponents off guard and beats them up violently, for which he has earned the reputation of being quite the internet bully.

However, Charlie Zelenoff punched way above his weight-class, both literally and figuratively, when he went at veteran heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder.

What happened between Deontay Wilder and Charlie Zelenoff?

Fresh off a win over Malik Scott in 2014, the 'Bronze Bomber' traveled all the way to Los Angeles to confront Charlie Zelenoff. The YouTuber had crossed a line harassing Wilder with racial slurs and threatening his daughter, Naieya, who suffers from a condition called spina bifida.

Deontay Wilder arrived at the gym where Charlie Zelenoff was training and threw him around like a ragdoll. Before destroying him, Wilder made Zelenoff sign a legal waiver that said he would not sue for any damages, therefore making the battering completely above board.

Needless to say, Charlie Zelenoff stood no chance against the former WBC heavyweight champion.

Deontay Wilder later explained his actions to ESNews, claiming that Zelenoff had crossed a limit by bringing "racism to the table" and talking about duct-taping Wilder's daughter's mouth. Therefore, he needed to be taught a lesson.


At one point, Charlie Zelenoff also got into a fight with Floyd Mayweather Sr., who was 61-years-old at the time. The YouTuber suddenly started attacking with punches, but it was not long before Mayweather Sr. recovered and retaliated with a beating that Zelenoff truly deserved.


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