Watch: When a former UFC fighter weighing 200lbs incredibly knocked out opponent weighting 600lbs

UFC 3 poster, Keith Hackney vs. Emmanuel Yarbrough [Images courtesy of @sportscentre & @ufc on Instagram]
UFC 3 poster, Keith Hackney vs. Emmanuel Yarbrough [Images courtesy of @sportscentre & @ufc on Instagram]

The UFC we know and love is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world. However, in its early inception, the organization was forced into making bizarre match-ups to try and generate some buzz.

This was perfectly encapsulated back in 1994 at UFC 3: The American Dream. On the night, an eight-man tournament took place, with the winner taking home $60,000.

The poster for #UFC 3September 9th 1994Live attendance 3000PPV buys 90,000#MMATwitter #facts #mma

There were no weight classes or weight limits, and the fights could only be stopped via submission, knockout, throwing in the towel, or a stoppage by the referee. Former UFC referee 'Big' John McCarthy was also in action that night.

Taking part in the tournament was the 200-pound/lbs Keith Hackney, who faced the 600-pound Emmanuel Yarbrough. While many would assume a squash match would ensue, Hackney was the surprise of the evening.

'The Giant Killer' dropped Yarbrough twice before eventually knocking out his 600-pound opponent with hammer fists. McCarthy waved the bout over after just 1:59 seconds.

Watch the incredible moment here:

The tournament proved to be the last of its kind after the organization opted to change the rules to prevent fighters from fatiguing after multiple fights on the same night.

Royce Grace made it to the finals but withdrew due to fatigue, so the organization opted to add qualifying rounds before future tournaments.

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2008 Dana White wouldn't be happy with his current self and the UFC landscape, says Chael Sonnen

During the 14th annual World MMA Awards, Chael Sonnen was asked about his thoughts on MMA, Dana White, and the upcoming year for the sport.

According to 'The American Gangster', while it was financially and commercially another successful year for the business, he doesn't believe old-school Dana White would be happy with some of the decisions made:

"2022 has been ran unlike any other year in MMA. If 2022 Dana White walks into 2008 Dana White's office, 2008 Dana White kicks him out."

Sonnen also added that he was seriously impressed with how much success the UFC has seen this year, given that a number of the biggest stars haven't fought:

"This is a star-driven business. We took out biggest stars, we put them on ice. With that said, ratings went up, box office were completely sold out. Pay-per-view did just fine, it's unlike any year. Jon Jones can't get a fight at heavyweight, meanwhile, I'm watching the worldwide leader and there's a guy named Sergey that's the main event of a heavyweight."

Catch Sonnen's interview with MMA Junkies' Mike Bohn here:


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