Watch: When Joe Rogan took fans through benefits of Morozko Cold Plunge while taking ice bath 

Joe Rogan during one of his cold plunges (image courtesy @joerogan Instagram)
Joe Rogan during one of his cold plunges (image courtesy @joerogan Instagram)

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has always been a vocal advocate of the health benefits of ice baths and sauna sessions. In a recent video uploaded to Instagram, the comedian explained the benefits of his Morozko Cold Plunge.

In the video, while sitting inside his Morozko Cold Plunge, Rogan talks about how the plunge has helped him overcome inflammation and body soreness. Rogan further explained that he is now able to withstand the grueling process better than before:

"When I first started doing the cold plunge it was difficult for me to just get like a minute and a half, I was freezing. And I'm just as cold, but now I understand it...I know what it is. I can overcome it, and I know the benefits."

Watch Joe Rogan talk about the benefits of the cold plunge below:

The comedian added:

"The benefits for resilience, the benefits for my mind and for inflammation for my body. My body feels soo good. All my soreness, that was generally just an ordinary part of everyday life, a massive amount of that has been dissipated... It's just this sauna and cold plunge routine that I do, it has made a giant difference."

The UFC commentator has also been extremely vocal about the benefits of regular sauna sessions. In an episode of JRE with UFC bantamweight Cory Sandhagen, Rogan explained the benefits of dry sauna.

Joe Rogan talks about the benefits of dry sauna

During the JRE MMA Show #104 with Cory Sandhagen, Joe Rogan explained to the top bantamweight the benefits of dry sauna sessions. According to the 54-year-old, dry sauna sessions have been known to even reduce mortality.

Interestingly, Rogan claimed that according to a study done in Norway, people who engaged in 20 minutes of the dry sauna at 170 degrees Fahrenheit for four days a week experienced a 40% reduction in mortality:

"They experienced a 40% decrease in all cause mortality. That means 40% decrease in heart attack, stroke, cancer everything, just with regular sauna use."

Watch Rogan talk about the benefits of the sauna below:


Furthermore, the podcast host told Sandhagen that it was the increased heat shock protein production resulting from regular sauna sessions that helps the body combat these mortality risks.

Rogan also stated that he loved the process soo much that he did it every day.

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