“Well basics won me 91 fights” - Liam Harrison recounts his favorite combination that led him to immense success

Liam Harrison (left) and Harrison during his fights early career (right)
Liam Harrison (left) and Harrison during his fights early career (right)

One of the secrets to Liam Harrison’s success is not drifting away from the fundamentals of the fight game. This made him one of the most popular, well-respected, and accomplished professional fighters.

In a recent Instagram post where he posted four different short clips of his fights early in his career, Harrison explained how the basic combinations had won him over 90 fights when he was just starting to make a name in the sport.

He wrote the lengthy caption:

“Basics … quite a few former opponents said in pre fight interviews “I’ll smash Liam everything he does is basic” well basics won me 91 fights and 51KOs.”
“This is one of my fave basic but massively effective combos, left hook to body right low kick, I usually set it up with a fake to the head first and the body shot either cripples them or puts all there weight on the other side and you can absolutely Tony Yeboah their leg straight in off the cross bar"

‘The Hitman’ pointed out that even when his opponents know what combination he will be doing, he still executes them every time he attempts it, thus they fall for it. He also used Tony Yeboah’s striking power in football when scoring goals with how he kicked his opponent’s legs.

Yeboah was one of the most prolific and exciting football players during his career in the English Premier League in the 1990s. His spectacular goals against top teams like Liverpool and Wimbledon have etched his name as one of the most explosive strikers in EPL history.

Harrison ready to take on John Lineker in comeback fight at ONE Fight Night 18

After over a year of being forced to watch on the sidelines due to the injury he suffered from his world title fight against former ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Hama in August 2022, the Bad Company representative is now fully healthy and ready to face former ONE bantamweight MMA world champion John Lineker at ONE Fight Night 18 on January 12.

The 38-year-old veteran will be welcoming the ‘Hands of Stone’ in the Muay Thai ruleset and sets his sights on an incredible win to further increase his chances of setting up a massive all-British world title fight with reigning ONE bantamweight Muay Thai and kickboxing world champion Jonathan Haggerty.

ONE Fight Night 18 goes down at the historic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and is available live and for free to all Prime Video subscribers in North America.

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Edited by C. Naik