'Well, that was horrible' - Chris Weidman's wife gives update on his horrific leg break

Chris Weidman
Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman’s wife Marivi Weidman has publicly addressed his leg injury for the first time. Marivi took to Instagram to provide an update on Chris after the horrific leg injury he suffered at UFC 261.

Marivi Weidman shed light upon Chris Weidman’s leg injury and noted that ‘freak things’ happen in life. Marivi added that it’d been a long day for her and their family after the injury, but she was glad to finally see Chris after his surgery.

Furthermore, Marivi Weidman revealed that everything went well with the surgery. Marivi also proceeded to thank everyone for their support and emphasized that she’s thankful for being able to spend another day of her life still next to Chris, albeit in a hospital room.

Marivi Weidman's statement read as follows –

“Well that was horrible. Freak things happen in life and plans get crushed. It’s been a lonnnggg day but so happy to finally see this man of mine post surgery. Everything went well thank you Lord! Very thankful for the medical staff, UFC family @danawhite @reedharrisufc #allieraimondo, our management team @vaynersports @sarahzemonek and our family and friends here rallying to help with the kids. My heart breaks for my husband because I know the work and dedication that he puts into his training everyday and the great man that he is, so I only want the best for him. While this absolutely sucks in the moment and for some weeks to come, we are completely overwhelmed by the love and support we have far and wide and are very aware how blessed we are. All of that overpowers the awfulness of this situation. We are blown away by our friends and family offering to hop on flights to come help us without hesitation. We are so grateful and love you all!! It’s been a crazy year so far but us Weidmans are a force and covered in Grace and Mercy everyday! We were reminded this year how precious each day is and I am so thankful to be spending another day on earth next to my love even if it’s in a hospital room far from home. #teamweidman”

Chris Weidman’s injury was similar to the one Anderson Silva suffered against him in 2013

Chris Weidman (left); Anderson Silva (right)
Chris Weidman (left); Anderson Silva (right)

Back in 2013, Chris Weidman became the first fighter to defeat Anderson Silva in the UFC. Weidman defeated Silva via second-round KO at UFC 162 (July 2013), thus winning the UFC middleweight title and ending The Spider’s legendary title reign.

They faced off in an immediate rematch later that year, a fight that culminated in Anderson Silva suffering an unfortunate injury. Weidman defeated Silva via second-round TKO in their rematch at UFC 168 (December 2013). The TKO stoppage was the result of Silva throwing an inside leg kick from the southpaw stance against the orthodox Weidman.

Silva’s left leg hit the area around Chris Weidman’s left knee as Weidman successfully checked the kick. While getting one’s leg kick checked is known to be quite painful, Silva faced far more severe consequences as his left fibula and tibia ended up getting snapped.

Fast-forward to UFC 261 on April 24th, 2021, and Chris Weidman suffered an eerily similar injury to that of Anderson Silva. Weidman faced Uriah Hall in a rematch at UFC 261 and lost via first-round TKO. This fight created a new UFC record, as Hall became the first fighter to win a UFC fight without throwing a single strike.

Chris Weidman threw an outside leg kick from an orthodox stance against the orthodox Uriah Hall. Weidman’s right leg hit the area around Hall’s left knee and snapped Weidman’s right fibula and tibia.

Furthermore, many in the MMA community have pointed out that the eeriness doesn’t end there. Chris Weidman was the first fighter to beat Anderson Silva in the UFC and Uriah Hall was the last to beat Silva before the latter’s departure from the UFC.

Another odd fact connected to this fight – something that Uriah Hall noted in the post-fight Octagon interview – was that Chris Weidman was the first fighter to defeat Hall in his professional MMA career. Hall noted that he didn’t know what fear was before being defeated by Weidman.

Hall suggested that the paths he and Chris Weidman traversed in the ensuing years, their connection with Silva, and then meeting each other at UFC 261 only for their rematch to end this way was all rather strange.

We here at Sportskeeda wish Chris Weidman a safe and speedy recovery.

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