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When bodybuilder C.T. Fletcher sent Georges St-Pierre a motivational message ahead of his title fight against Johnny Hendricks

C.T. Fletcher (Left), Georges St-Pierre (Right)
C.T. Fletcher (Left), Georges St-Pierre (Right)
Deepit Sharma
Modified 08 Apr 2021

In an unusual fan moment, Georges St-Pierre received a video message from a bodybuilder he is a huge fan of, C.T. Fletcher.

C.T. Fletcher is a former American powerlifter and bodybuilder. In addition to being a world bench press champion, C.T. Fletcher also climbed to fame via his YouTube channel, 'C.T. Fletcher Motivation' which features workouts and inspirational videos.

GSP's teammates at the Tristar gym in Montreal contacted C.T. Fletcher as a surprise for him. Originally, they had planned to have Georges St-Pierre meet Fletcher in person. However, the latter was unable to travel at the time.

Instead, he sent a video to GSP, starting off by saying how badly he wanted to come to Canada to meet him. C.T. Fletcher said:

"I was contacted by your camp, and they asked me to fly out to Canada and surprise you, GSP. I wanted to, I can't tell you how bad I wanted to do that. They say that you quote me all the time during training and you're a CT Fletcher fan. Well, goddammit, I am a GSP fan. I have been one for a long f***ing time."

Georges St-Pierre's immediate reaction to the video was:

"No way."

Clearly, the former multi-divisional UFC Champion was overcome with surprise when he saw Fletcher addressing him.


C.T. Fletcher breaks down what being a champion means in his address to Georges St-Pierre

The video was made leading up to GSP's 9th consecutive and final UFC Welterweight title defense. Georges St-Pierre was scheduled to fight Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November 2013. Relating to the champion mentality, C.T. Fletcher said in his message to GSP:

"I'm telling you this as one old-a** champion to a young-a** champion. I know wat it means to be a goddamn champion. When the going gets f***ing rough and tough, what makes the champion a winner? A champion, in his heart, has the heart to dig just a little bit deeper. The champion has done what it takes... to earn the title. He has done what it takes to prove himself above and beyond the rest. A champion has put in the work in the gym so he walks into the ring and to the arena confident. ]A Champion has proven] that he is the best mother****er on the planet. GSP, Georges St-Pierre, YOU are the mother****ing champion."

C.T. Fletcher's message to Georges St-Pierre seems to have been quite effective, as GSP bade farewell to the world of professional MMA for a long time after beating Johnny Hendricks via split-decision.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 18:37 IST
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